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Biggest wind in my 50 years! 43 to 50

So I sat out yet another day of my countdown to 50– No one said every stinking day- Just that there would be a countdown 😉

I spent yesterday not blogging. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day! Especially after the Wicked Wind of  West Texas hit on the 25th. Truly it was so calm and warm it was like the day before never happened. I felt like Dorothy landing in Oz. All in living color.

The 25th, will be remembered for generations. All over Texas: Central North Texas with snow Lubbock and Amarillo.  Then good, old, pretty much the desert ,West Texas. When the 60 winds started slamming the house I let the dogs come into the fenced yard, thinking they could get on the south side of the house and be blocked from the COLD wind blowing 60+ miles an hour. NOPE. The wind was blowing on all four sides of the house. Blew our big star off the house, it was bouncing around the yard, along with whirlwinds of debris and tumbleweeds. It was really safer for the dogs to be in their pen, which is blocked well with the shop. So ‘we’ started to move, I carried foster pup and the bigs followed, very obedient to walk out in that wind. Phoebe the Border was blown off of her feet! I got them all in the pen then started to move the little dog house, for the foster pup. The bigs had  their igloos. I had to split the bottom from the top and make two trips. It would have been comical if I hadn’t had visions of Dorothy and Toto flying through the air. I could not walk against the wind with the dog house in hand, it slammed into me, HARD.  So, I walked backwards the 100 feet having to stop every few feet to just plant myself to not tumble away. At the end of it all, I had muddy streaks down my face from the tears that the wind blew out of my eyes, my hair was dirt dreadlocks, because I was stupid enough to have just taken a shower before going out, my ears were FULL of dirt, but the dogs were now safe.

We really fared pretty well. The wind blew off the star. Blew the rungs out of a side of a very ugly fort built with old fence sections. Blew a wall of tumbleweeds on the gate, which we set free. Blew the BBQ grill down the porch and over. All no loss really. Lee, my oldest lost part of his shingles, found out he has a 4800 deduct, I suspect he will replace them himself. Brian, the next, lost the kids super duper wooden playground, Ashton said “It may need duct tape.” 😉  Then there were those who had it really bad. Tumbleweeds Cover One Midland Home – KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |

West Texas Windstorm pict on facebook




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