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31 years (+) with the same Dude.

10,950 days, +about 150 for the pre months of ‘sin’ – about 103 for the trips/business out-of-town and – 5 times HE really screwed up, I have woken up  next to my Keith.I can’t ‘notch’ the sex the same way. I think I could honestly say about half that.  Keith will probably disagree. But this is my logic- On average about every other day now. ABOUT. 30 years ago about every. ABOUT. Then add all the  marathon days, anniversary’s, hotel’s without kids, business trip ‘reunions’, make up for HIS big screw up’s, after being sick . Subtract the three child-birth recovery no sex times, but that NEVER lasted as long as MD suggested. Not to mention the pre marital …..Yep I think we can get to 5,400, EASY. Same dude.

Keith is my soul mate. Keith is the one. Keith is my better half.Keith is a pain in the ass

The Man I married- Lost a bet and his moustache- Still smiling

. Keith is who God planned me to be with. Keith is my perfect match. Keith is my polar opposite. Keith is irritating. Keith is my comfort. Keith is my antagonizer. Keith is my best friend. Keith is my protector. Keith is my inspiration. Keith is my exasperation. Keith is my laughter. Keith brings me joy. Keith has given me my deepest sorrow. Keith is my love. 

The day I met him August 8 1979 was conspired by God, my life changed for ever, for the better ,that day. The day I promised forever to him, July 11,1981, is my blessing from God. I am complete.   Love ya, Babe.

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14 A Picture of Someone You Never Imagine Your Life Without

The Man I married- Lost a bet and his moustache- Still smiling

Always in action

A man of many Talents
Pancakes-for his Aunt Jemima

All I need for Christmas, forever

Always a lover of women

Multi talented AND good lookin


A REAL friend to anyone and everyone, all over the world


Care Giver


Humble, when absolutely necessary

A leader, no matter where he is in line

A Clown
Proud Pawpaw
World traveler
Goes where he has to to get what he needs

Boots are Keith, –
On top of the world
P -A-R-T-Y

A brother to MY brother

A son to MY dad

The father of our sons

To Have

To Hold
Dares to be gorgeous
Is gorgeous

My Super man!

My life without Keith? Unimaginable. He has given me love, support, instruction, happiness, a bit of misery, friendship beyond any other, a family that is mine all mine. Security, a home, joy. Everything I have that brings me joy is because God blessed me with Keith.