A believer in one true God. Not Allah, not Buddha… GOD. I know Jesus Christ is God in flesh, come to this world to save all creation from eternal death, which we are all condemned to for our sins.  I also know that believing in Christs death and resurrection means I and anyone else who does the same will have eternal LIFE WITH God.

I am a  wife, mother, grandmother, female born that way and supposed to be that way.

I married my one and only when I was 18. We wanted to get married at that young age of 18 and 19. We met when we were 16 and 17 at my neighborhood pool, NEVER expecting we would be the one and only’s for each other…. But God did. 

Our first of 3 sons was born 364 days after we said “I do”.  Our 2nd was 18 months later.  Our 3rd, 5 years later.  All are grown men now. The older 2 are married and fathers. The 3rd is an uncle. 

My sons and their wives have given me 8 grandchildren. 3 from one and 5 the other. I have teenage grandchildren down to a babe in diapers. 

I am an adoptee. ‘Adoptee’ makes me think of a manatee every time I say it.  I was adopted at birth. My real family are those that raised me and call me theirs and paid for everything.  I met my bio mother at 24 and then my bio fathers family at 26.  

My parents died about 10 years ago, within a few months of each other. I am back to being an orphan.;). My bio mother is alive and we have a relationship, but not that kind. 

I am a Texan. Always have been always will be. I will visit other places, but never live anywhere else.

Right now I have a mini horse, mini goat, 4 dogs, and 1 cat. My kids accuse me of being a crazy cat lady, but it is not for having too many cats. The emphasis must be the ‘crazy’.

A quarter of a century ago we were introduced to Celiac, through our #2 son. We soon found that my husband and I and all the boys, have Celiac or gluten intolerance or some form of Autoimmune disease.  Today all the grandchildren and 1 daughter in-law also live gluten free for ‘The Celiac’. 

I have another blog: Deletewheat.com-It is all about gluten free living. I wrote a gluten free cookbook.  Buy it from Amazon-Throw the Wheat in the Sea

I believe 7.123 billion people are gluten intolerant. (approximate world population)

My hope is that 7.123 billion people will believe in Jesus Christ as their only way for eternal life with God AND will live in this world completely gluten free.True Freedom = free from the chains of sin and gluten.

I consider everyone a friend, until they aren’t. My family, ‘real’ and biological all count a great deal to me, because they made me who I am, and I am pretty darn special (still have a hard time believing that, though)

Read me. Hear me. Enjoy me. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Share with me. Be with me. Follow me (my blogs). Talk to me. Be nice. Mean people suck.


4 thoughts on “I AM…

  1. Very cool looking blog site I like 🙂 I honestly could not tell anyone a single thing about gluten and be accurate, and I hate to admit I have zero idea or indication of how it interacts with my body good, bad or neutral. eekk..:/ Is there any peer-reviewed literature anywhere in your site or anywhere else that you could refer me to just off hand so that I could examine actual data regarding gluten and the human body in particular types of individuals and in general? I have had the feeling for awhile there is something to it I should be looking at or for, but I have never made the time to begin informing myself unfortunately.
    Thanks ya 🙂 ill laugh and cry with you too,
    -Gen Z Miyagi


    1. on deletewheat.com I have several links of ‘experts’ MD’s studies etc, If I remember the set up I think it is on the right column. I personally feel it is less of gluten itself, but the reaction of malabsorption of nutrients and the autoimmune response to gluten(body attacking the gluten like it is a poison/disease) that sets off the body fails.

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