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My Man is Half a Century

 See the guy in the middle? Winking at you? That is my guy, Keith.  He turned 50 the night of the picture, he has a black badge on his shirt to prove it.  I have had him for 33 of his 50 years.  I met him and started being his when he was  17.  I was 16– WE have changed a bit.  Keith actually has not changed that much.  He is a strong man, physically, mentally,spiritually. Always has been. He is of good character, always has been. He has high standards he expects himself to meet, he does not accept failure in himself, again, always. Keith has always been  dependable. He is a leader. He believes in working, working hard, for your living. Keith is a friend to anyone who needs one. And to those who don’t need a friend, he leaves them alone. Keith loves, honors and protects those he is responsible for. He has a tough exterior, but he is a lover and poet on the inside.

The changes of Keith, since that fateful day at the pool where we met,  are not him, but his circumstances. Husband, Father, Grandfather, Builder, Carpenter, Supervisor, Harp Player, Gluten Free, Rum Drinker, Husband of a chunky chic. The list goes on, the additions to the Keith package.  He has done them all in the style and perfection of ‘Keith’. Well.

I love this guy. I forget sometimes. I will be looking at him, listening to him , watching him, and suddenly I realize HIM, I see him, clearly. I feel all the love, adoration and pride of him.  All the negative, ‘wish he woulds…’  memories of disappointments disappear. Then I remember , I LOVE this guy. He is an amazing man, and I have been blessed to have him in my life more than anyone else,– Ever.

Oh yeah, those other two guys,  Lee our oldest, is on the left and Brian our second son is on the right.  They don’t know it yet, but they have an awesome dad. I hope someday they can fill his shoes  boots.



Aspiring to be the Christian Gluten Free Queen of the World. I love writing/blogging, painting, decorating, grand mothering, cooking, helping others BE gluten free, old movies, family, God, animals, my kids, my grandkids, my husband, talking about adoption. I know about painting murals, cooking gluten free, being a mother in law, special needs, cleft palates, Pierre Robin, Celiac, marriage, faith, God, sons, dogs, cats, gardening, a little bit of horses, building a house and living life blessed.

6 thoughts on “My Man is Half a Century

  1. Are you sure you’re talking about the Keith Petty I know?!? Cool write-up Christy. You are both very special, I’m blessed to count you as friends.


  2. Wow! Thanks darling. I’m not sure all of this is deserved….but I can only manage life with your unconditional love and support. Thanks so much for being you…nobody else I would rather be with! One thing you failed to mention…welder, my boys don’t consider me one but if they are not available I can get it done in a pinch!

    Love always,


    1. Welder is NOT the only other thing I did not mention. The list goes on and on, I think there is nothing you can not do. You are an amazing man– You are what I got to make EVERYONE else jealous.


  3. THis almost made me cry! I want to adore my husband after 33 years too! You are both so blessed to still be this in love with one another!! Gives us single chicks hope! 🙂 Love yall!


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