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Winter Wouuunderland

This began last night just before we went to bed. I love the quiet, of snow fall. I stepped out side and could feel the quiet.

Our home is now a snow castle in a winter wonderland.

Mesquite trees (bushes) are shimmering with diamond dust.

The ordinary, became beautiful.

The beautiful became exquisite  works of art.

.Running and romping became pirouettes and jette pas

  Those things that we overlooked, that seemed to disappear

became clear to see again

Psalm 46:10  Be still and know I am God.



Aspiring to be the Christian Gluten Free Queen of the World. I love writing/blogging, painting, decorating, grand mothering, cooking, helping others BE gluten free, old movies, family, God, animals, my kids, my grandkids, my husband, talking about adoption. I know about painting murals, cooking gluten free, being a mother in law, special needs, cleft palates, Pierre Robin, Celiac, marriage, faith, God, sons, dogs, cats, gardening, a little bit of horses, building a house and living life blessed.

3 thoughts on “Winter Wouuunderland

  1. Is this Winter Wouuunderland normal to Midland? I think it’s beautiful!! And I’m loving every bit of it, but I did not come prepared for this kind of weather. 🙂 I’m having to buy things that I have stored some where at home (back in the DFW Metroplex).


    1. T- Not Really normal- Nothing ‘regular’ like Dallas. BUT we do get some cold, and it is soooo unpredictible. We had this gorgeous wet snow about 3 years ago on EASTER. It has snowed on my Bday in April a couple of times. My out of town family was stuck at my home for about 4 days extra at Christmas. — Buying things for the cold is soooo hard to do here, you see it hanging on the racks knowing that you will get a great sale on those things come February, THEN we get this snow and find that EVERYONE in Midland must have needed those mittens, and there was only the items on the rack to sell to all of Midland– I have such a weird conglomeration of outwear items, what ever was left.


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