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Ye Haw It’s Winter!

Today we have 33 degrees and misty moisture stuff. Not snow yet, but you never know. Probably will have icy-ness tonight.  Oh, I love when the season changes, when it is supposed to!  West Texas has a habit of NOT having seasons correctly, especially here in Midland.  It is so odd to me that just 117 miles north, in Lubbock, where I spent most of my childhood, seasons do occur a bit more, by the book.   I had several white Christmas’ growing up. I think we have had maybe 3 in the 30 years we have lived here. I am probably de exaggerating, but we get maybe 1 snow compared to Lubbock’s 4 a year.   I am not complaining, too much, though, I know those up north get snow way TOO much, and I would NEVER wish snow everyday upon myself.

I like the opportunity to get my coats and sweaters out, wear my boots with out burning up by 3 PM, but the thrill of the cold wears off pretty quickly for me.  And west Texas Weather accommodates my weather wishy washiness pretty well in the winter. The temps will climb in the next few days, and we will have mid 70 weather a few days before we drop again.  I really do not have enough sweaters to have cold all winter long.

Today, I am taking advantage of the weather and making some Chicken tortilla soup  I adjusted the recipe a bit from the cookbook (My cookbook, Throw the Wheat in the Sea) I can do that since I am the author ;).  I used fresh (frozen) Hatch green chilies, I am not sure we will be able to eat the soup now, the taste test proves that we did get HOT chilies.  I am also cooking this on the stove top, instead of the crock pot. If it is impossibly hot, I think I will add sour cream to the bowl, when I serve.   I can adapt recipes like I adapt to the weather.







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