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1 Corinthians 11: 1-16

1 Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.Now I praise you, brethren, that you remember me in all things and keep the traditions just as I delivered them to you   Remember Paul did not number or chapter his letters, later on people did.  This is concluding his answering the list of questions he was given. Saying, just do what I do and you will be alright. 

Now I think Paul is addressing some things he has been informed of, pertaining to the behavior of these church goers, I think specifically those who think they are a bit more important that the rest. 

This following is not about oppressing women. Paul is not saying women are lower than men. Paul is explaining what is the truth. The purpose God has set before men and women in relations. A bit of culture is mixed in, but basically the culture gleaned from the order of authority God set in place at the beginning of man. 

These Corinthian women were prophesying and praying in public, maybe not such a bad thing in itself, but they also were taking off their covering, their showing of being subject to their husbands. This P & P had given them the big head and they brought themselves to the same ‘level’ or even higher, than their husbands/men, by removing their cultural coverings. 

.But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head. But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head,  Have you ever witnessed a woman who is pretending to be caught up by the ‘Holy Spirit’? Wailing, babbling, waving their hands making a spectacle of themselves? I have. I don’t believe that to be honoring of God at all!for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved. For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn. I think Paul is going into the extreme, saying these women are taking on man roles, or at least taking off their show of being women, trying to make themselves equal to men, so why not cut their hair like men.  Women dressing and looking like a man would be shameful.  Just as a man dressing and looking and acting like a woman would be shameful.  But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered. For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. For man is not from woman, but woman from man. Nor was man created for the woman, but woman for the man. 10 For this reason the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. Paul is speaking the truth, God created male first, in his image, from dust, then created woman from a part,the rib of man. Eve was created because God wanted a suited helper/mate for Adam. 11 Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord. 12 For as woman came from man, even so man also comes through woman; but all things are from God.  Don’t get cocky men, because without woman there would have been no more men, beyond Adam. God created man, an order for creation, and man and woman alike are Gods creation. 

13 Judge among yourselves. Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? 14 Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him? 15 But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her[a] for a covering.But if anyone seems to be contentious, we have no such custom, nor dothe churches of God   Paul saying figure it out on your own, this is not a ‘law’ matter, nor is it a commandment of God that women cover their heads. BUT from where Paul is from, the chicks cover their heads, and they act like ladies.  😉

Recently it was decided that women can participate in full combat military. Yipee? 

It is not that I do not think women can fight, shoot a gun, kill the enemy, endure the harshness of ‘war’. I know they can. I could. There are women who are much stronger and tougher than I that could and will.  I just don’t think we, women are ‘suppose’ to. Society, the world, says we can and should. But that does not make it correct to do so.

Our world has turned upside down. It tells women like myself I am weak and insignificant because I will not take on the facade of a man. I need to work 40+ hours a week, be a CEO, or at least be telling some man what to do, to be of any real worth.  Dresses, jewelry, pretty clothes, fluffy hair, lipstick, that is what the uneducated bimbo who has too many kids and husbands wears. It is shameful to answer that “What do you do? with “I make my house that my husband provides a home. I care for my kids. I work in my church/community. I cook dinner every night. I wrote a cookbook so other women can cook dinner every night too. I am a grandmother who can’t wait to spend time with my family. I pray. ”  My husband pulls my chair out for me, opens doors for me, orders my meals for me. Not because I am not capable, but to honor me, to care for me.  I can do a lot of things for myself, that he does for me, and visa versa. I do for him those things that honor him, and he does those that honor me.  I show I am his wife by wearing a ring on my finger, by standing by his side, by doing as he requests of me, caring for him, going to him for counsel. 

Now we celebrate having women, mothers, sisters, daughters in the military. Being sent across the world to be in war-torn countries, put in harm’s way, in danger of being killed and leaving their children without mothers. We celebrate the reunions of mother and child after a long tour. But these separations should not have been. I mean no disrespect to our military, I honor them, all, male and female. BUT, the women should not be in the military. 

All this women’s lib stuff has taken honor and protection from women. Women demand to be treated like a man, to have the same ‘rights’.  To uncover their heads and not show they are married.  To be the financial support of the family. To go and protect our nation, and kill men and be killed.  That is not what God intended us to be. God created woman for man. To be a helper, to be honored by and treasured by our men. 

This world is not ‘run’ by God. Satan has domain here. Satan is the main influence here. If it is of THIS world, you can bet it is not God’s way.  That is the dilemma for all of man, US. To choose the things that are not of this world, or continue to be a part of it. 

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1 Corinthians 10

10 Moreover, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware(ignorant) that all our fathers were under the cloud, all passed through the sea, all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. But with most of them God was not well pleased, for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness.

Even though  you are now believers, and it is okay to not be bound by ‘THE LAW’ this does not mean you are ‘all good’ to God, and won’t stumble. The Israelites had God present with them day and night working miracles for them day and night, feeding them literally physically. They were rescued by God, yet they strayed, they turned their back on God and worshiped idols, disobeyed God, and God left ‘MOST” of them.  I think this is ‘Don’t get cocky, you may not be as ‘saved’ as you think. “

Now these things became our examples, to the intent that we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted. The Israelites desert tour is for believers to glean from. The consequences they suffered for their disobedience are a warning to us.  And do not become idolaters as were some of them. As it is written, “The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.”] Nor let us commit sexual immorality, as some of them did, and in one day twenty-three thousand fell; nor let us tempt provoke Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed by serpents; 10 nor complain, as some of them also complained, and were destroyed by the destroyer.  Complained that what God gave them, freedom, food, protection was not enough-. They were DESTROYED by Satan. Satan is the instigator of our sinning, so we will be destroyed. 11 Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. God told us of the Israelites disobedience and consequences so we can learn from them. 1st we can understand that to believe is to abide, the Isrealites were led by God, freed by God, cared for by God, yet they did not but their trust in Him and obey, they turned to their own way, and they were destroyed, separated from God. 2nd to understand is being child of God, an Isrealite, a believer does not MAKE us right, we have to chose to not be sexually immoral, not worship idols, not provoke God, not fall into the temptations of the destroyer.

12 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. 13 No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.   All believers need to know they are fallible, the LAW was given so we can govern our selves. Believers can ‘fall’ dishonor God, sin, then will have consequences, God will judge ALL sin.  God gave us instruction to protect. Believers are to apply their belief in God with obedience and rely on Him and not their own strength. God allows, not produces, temptation. God will allow it to refine us, even to the point of physical death, in order to retain our souls. 

14 Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. I will digress some here, Paul does I think 😉  The question presented in 8:10 of eating of things offered to idols,I THINK, is still being discussed by Pau,l as well as being obedient to THE LAW for man’s sake. 15 I speak as to wise men; judge for yourselves what I say. Yeah right! Paul is appealing to what he is trying to convince them to be, wise.  16 The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? 17 For we, though many, are one bread and one body; for we all partake of that one bread.  Poetic? Believers are all one body, through Christ. Christ blood is blessing, poured out. Bread, Christ’s body, broken.  The ‘body’ of Corinthian church is broken with dissension, and back biting and accusations are flowing from the church, instead of blessings

18 Observe Israel after the flesh: Are not those who eat of the sacrifices partakers of the altar? The sacrifices made to altar is food for the priests, caretakers of the temple. It is their ‘pay‘ 19 What am I saying then?.  That an idol is anything, or what is offered to idols is anything? NO 20 Rather, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. Those that make sacrifices to idols are making sacrifices to demons, they know it that is why they do it. Don’t have anything to do with the people, the food is not the issue.  21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons. You can not do as the worldly, associate with the worldly and serve God. 22 Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than He?  An unspoken reprimand here is to these Corinthians who are wagging their fingers at the silliness of those who are telling them they are bad for eating sacrifices made to idols. These Corinthians have just admitted they are associating with idolaters and being in the presence of their idols and worship, because they are eating their sacrifice food.  

This is convicting to ME, a Thai restaurant in town has ‘idols’ with glasses of water and apples etc in presence. These make me a bit uncomfortable, I have wondered if it is wrong of me to patron this restaurant, as a matter of principle. I have my answer

23 All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify.24 Let no one seek his own, but each one the other’s well-being.   So even though the Pud Thai and Basil Chicken is the best, it does nothing to glorify God for myself, nor those who I am to example.

25 Eat whatever is sold in the meat market, asking no questions for conscience’ sake; 26 for “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.”   Asian restaurants with no visible idol worship are fine to do business with. Don’t ask don’t tell policy 😉

27 If any of those who do not believe invites you to dinner, and you desire to go, eat whatever is set before you, asking no question for conscience’ sake. 28 But if anyone says to you, “This was offered to idols,” do not eat it for the sake of the one who told you, and for conscience’ sake;[f] for “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.”[g] 29 “Conscience,” I say, not your own, but that of the other. For why is my liberty judged by another man’s conscience? 30 But if I partake with thanks, why am I evil spoken of for the food over which I give thanks?   What you don’t know won’t hurt you. It is not the food, no curse is on the food. IT IS the knowledge of sin and compromising for it that will hurt you, and others.

31 Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 32 Give no offense, either to the Jews or to the Greeks or to the church of God, 33 just as I also please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved.

 THEREFORE, to answer these questions, these issues you have brought to me:  Bear with my imagination of the questions ‘they’ may have presented to Paul. My theory, based on the answers Paul gives
  • Who is best based on whom they were baptized by?1:10-3:21
  • The smarter, richer and more educated a believer, the more Holy? Right? 4
  • Should someone like you Paul receive payment for their work for God? 4:11 9:1-27
  • Those of the body in sin, are okay, because they are of the body, especially the important ones. We will overlook, or even compromise the Word for them. 5:3-9
  • Jo Blow and Who Zit are going to court, to settle a dispute. 6:1
  • Since we are believers and saved by grace, we can really do what ever we want, right? Like we don’t have to abide to all the silly sex with spouse rules right?. 6:12
  • Mr. Pius has not had sex with anyone so he is really really special dude, he even has a fiancé, but is not ‘taking’ her, shouldn’t every follow his example? She on the other hand wants to have a real marriage, so is considering leaving him to marry another, she is wrong, right? 7:1-17
  • Pete suggests everyone be circumcised to show they are really believers. 7:19
  • Virgins are way better than everyone else, right? A good father keeps his daughter from ever marrying, right? 7:25
  • There are some believers who have problems with other believers who eat food that has been sacrifice to idols. This is pure silliness isn’t it?  8-9
  • OR Mrs. Accuser says she saw you eating at the Jones’s and it is known they always get their meat from the butcher who gets his meat from We thought you should know that we know you did such a thing. 8-9
In all of the things you do, do it to the Lord. Know that the Law did not save you Christ did, and because of that you should want to abide to the commandments of our God, in the hopes to bring even more to choose Christ.  It is a small thing to ask, after all, He gave his life for YOU.
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Lil Miss Fix It or Big Get er Done Mrs.

I have been ‘labeled’, by others, as a Quick Start.I get this label because I can get things done at the last minute and it does not freak me out to do so. I actually prefer to do at the last minute or at the spur of the moment. , I don’t like long drawn out plans.

A better definition of me is a Finisher, or a Fixer. I don’t like things ‘undone’.

Undone in the sense of not concluded. The goal needs to be reached. The wrong righted. The information given. The argument settled, The picture painted. The book read. The meal served. The weight lost. The post posted. The mountain climbed. EVERYTHING checked off the list.

I do get things done. BUT the things that don’t get done, because life does not allow, drives me crazy!  There are some things I just don’t do because I know I can’t keep my sanity through it all.  Scrapbooking for instance. I attempted it, sorted through YEARS of pictures. Organized by year, by month by month activity. THEN I thought I might need to have each person organized also, which meant I would need to go back through the pictures and take some for each person, and keep that going for all the years of their lives, not duplicating any for the other activities. I would need to have a ‘matching’ picture for each person/child for each event, not leaving any one out.  Each page needed to be unique, a object of art, swirls and stickers to match and tell a story with each picture. No picture could be just ‘put’ there. It had to have bells and whistles. No person could have more bells and whistles. All this while adding more pictures, events, grandchildren.  I realized this would drive me CRAZY, there is NO Conclusion EVER. So now I have several boxes of organized pictures, by year up to, digital which gets saved to memory sticks.

Posts, I write and post in one sitting. Or try my darndest to do so.  This one is not a one sitting post, so it will steer away from my original thought. It was probably brilliant.  I don’t know though, because I have travelled for hours, cooked, had conversations, had other ideas for posts pop in my head, slept, had a ring cut off, ate too much, read a book, played in snow– So my original thought is not clear any longer.

I want ‘conclusion/resolution in relationships. This is good and bad. If there is a conflict, disagreement, cross word, pout, I want to find out why it happened and ‘fix’ the problem, right now. Only sometimes I need to just let things be, sometimes someone is just grumping and if I did not ‘challenge’ with resolution NOW, all would resolve itself.  Sometimes resolution is not going to be had, and a relationship must end. This is the hardest for me, because there is no end, no conclusion, nothing gets fixed, and I have failed and lost someone.

Books, I want to read all at once. Great for long trips, but not so great if I need to get dinner on the table.

Deco painting I want to finish in one ‘tapeing’ without having to close the paint cans. This is not really possible with whole room murals. I start a room and will go until I can not keep my eyes open, no food, few bathroom breaks, all because I want to see the finished results, yesterday.

If I know of an injustice, a lie, a manipulation, something happening that is just WRONG, I want to FIX IT. I want to reveal, to tell, to let EVERYONE know who would be or could be hurt by this wrong.   Shout it out. Tell how it IS.

  • Wheat is bad for you. Wheat is NOT a digestible food.
  • Ulcers are NOT caused by stress.
  • There is a HELL, eternal separation from God.
  • Eternal IS FOREVER
  • Aspartame is dangerous.
  • Sugar is NOT dangerous, eating too much sugar is not good for anyone
  • Most doctors do not know about gluten intolerance
  • Our president is not a good man.
  • The United States government is no longer democratic.
  • God does not need man to believe in him or obey him.
  • Wheat can cause acne.
  • Man needs to believe in and obey God
  • There is a difference between Want and Need.
  • Welfare keeps people in their place.
  • Guns do not kill, people holding the guns and choosing to pull the trigger do.
  • People are evil
  • Our government should not demand anything from the people.
  • The PEOPLE own the United States, not the President nor Congress
  • Autoimmune diseases can be caused by gluten
  • If you do not believe all of the Bible, you can not believe any of it.
  • Government healthcare will literally kill people.
  • Mothers should cook the bacon not bring it home.
  • God so loved the sinful man he gave us a way to choose HIm instead of ‘death’. Jesus Christ
  • The husband is the head of the household.
  • Credit is NOT the answer
  • God chose the least, the humble, the youngest,the poor, to lead. NOT the richest and most educated.
  • IBS is gluten intolerance
  • A little wheat is too much.

But sometimes fixing it is not the answer. Telling of the injustice, the lie told about me or mine. Revealing the liar. Exposing the lack of character. Fighting the government. Is not for me to do. God will do it, and much better than I.

Romans 12:19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Deuteronomy 32:35  Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly.’

 Hebrews 10:30 For we know him who said, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge his people.”

I am to let God and let go of my need want to finish things, and people.

There is one thing I am sure of I am called to fix. I am to help others see and know the dangers of wheat/gluten to our bodies. I want to fix the world of all of it’s glutenful issues.God had given me the ability to research, the knowledge to teach, and the passion to help.  I wrote a cookbook for anyone and everyone to have gluten free foods without missing a single taste.  The information, the truth about gluten/wheat being a detriment to our health is there, I just have to get it out. I will. Someday gluten/wheat will be a thing of the past, because I will finish, I will get er done.

So watch out world, you are about to be fixed!