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45 days to 50

We went to the movies last night- Identity Thief– It was HILARIOUS!  Do not believe any ratings that say less than that!!

Jason reminds me of Kirk a bit in looks, when Kirk had shorter hair, the animation of his face, and the ‘delivery’ of humor.  Melissa McCarthy is just funny, I love her in Mike and Molly, I sure hope she keeps her day job now that she is doing movies!

This is one of those movies that has lines in it I want to ‘use’ in everyday life. Then I walk away and forget them all. GRRR. I searched some out, of my favorite funny movies, maybe I can memorize them and be ready in 45 days!

Hall Pass Quotes, Wedding CrasherBridesmaids, Horrible Bosses,Bridget Jones Meet the Parents

Happy reading– Oh the links are are R rated.