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50 years 50 days

God just gave me a great idea! Tomorrow it starts! THE countdown! February 15 is exactly 50 days away from April 5, which also happens to be my 50th birthday.

I will be half a century old! Uh, WOW!,

So, I will post something about me, my 50 years of living, memories and such. Good and bad.  I was going to do a year a day, but I can not remember each year ‘exactly’ I do not think-(I am almost 50 you know)  I will work on it- I will not promise complete accuracy on the years– This is a work in progress, just as I!

Another goal in this next 50 days is to loose my final 30 lb’s– I think the post a day may be more attainable. We will see!

This will be fun!! I can’t wait for tomorrow! Tell your friends, get ready for the ride of MY lifetime!