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A Star is Born?

We went to the Community Theater tonight and saw Shrek it was really funny! LOTS of singing, but then it was a musical 😉 . Lord Farquard was a guy who plays prominent parts in a lot of the show, pretty good actor. His costume was made so he crawled on his knees and had his little fake legs stuffed in boots strapped on his legs. It was hilarious!! So fun to watch him ‘run’ around the stage!

I played April Fool in our spring play, in 5th grade. I LOVED it. I had a green suit, which had been used as Peter Pan in another play. I knew my lines, did not mess up at all. This was really the only opportunity I have ever had to be in a play, but I KNOW I would love to do it.

Brian and Lee were in UIL 1 Act play for a couple of years, they did really well. Funny thing, Brian the introvert had an easier time ‘acting’ than Lee the extrovert. I am an introvert too. NOT shy, just not the ‘life’ of the party nor do I want to be. Actually party’s, people, suck the life from me, and I have to recharge a bit after.  My theory is we introverts can act because we can become whomever we are acting, thus know one is looking and US really they are looking at the person we are playing. Extroverts are so full of themselves they have no desire to act like anyone than themselves, so to act like someone else is a huge struggle.  Brian agrees with me.

Keith the master bullshiter. The life of the party, the room, the closet. You put him anywhere he will know everyone and they him, is really uncomfortable making a scripted speech. He can talk on the fly, but to speak on a subject in front of a crowd, He does not like.  I on the other hand can, I love to speak, do cooking demo’s, be a speaker, ‘tell’ people stuff.

I REALLY REALLY want to be in a play. They seem like a LOT of work though. Our nephew is with Midland Theater, he was in the Christmas Carol, and worked EVERY NIGHT with practice, and did the play every weekend for a month. I don’t know if I would love that.  But I want to try.

I really really want to be in a play.

That is going on my bucket list.

Lets pray that it happen.




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