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Made me cry: The Story of Ian & Marissa

Watch this first. Then read on. The Story of Ian & Marissa « Chief of the least.

Fellow blogger posted the above link. Man, did I cry!!!! It is a beautiful example of unconditional love. Faith in God. Hope. Trust. For me though it goes beyond that, it is very personal.

I pray almost constantly for a ‘Marissa’ for my Evan. I started a book with characters based on Evan and the woman of my dreams, my hopes. I falter. I doubt. I concede to thoughts that there are many men, even ‘normal’ men who never find their loves, who remain single, that it may not be in the ‘cards’ for Evan to marry.

Evan wants a wife, he wants a companion, he wants for someone, other than his mommy and daddy, to love him, want for him. Evan wants a family, of his own.

Evan attended ‘school’ at Southwest Center of Higher Independence, an almost 2 year education of life skills, job skills, and independence training. At graduation each student spoke on their experience and their goals for the future. Many of the students have language disablity or inability in some form. Evan spoke, in his halting fashion, missing words and incomplete sentences. But it was clear and complete when he said ” I would like to have a wife and kids, like my Dad and my brothers , Lee and Brian.” Oh how I want that for him!

Evan has issues. He does not speak clearly. The language deficit also messes with his comprehension of things, sometimes. He does not comprehend ’cause and effect’ of money, life. Supply and demand of money. He has some nerve damage in his face so sometimes he drools a liitle, when he forgets to swallow. He has trouble prioritizing. Heck, I know a lot of ‘normal’ people that have these issues, and more!!!

Evan has a lot ‘right’ about him too. He is a fairly attractive guy; thin, blue eyes, dark hair, and alot of it. He is very kind, he cares for people. He is a good listener, because he does not talk well he tends to listen more. He is out going, and extravert, go figure. Evan is an electronic whiz, games, computers. He is an excellent driver! He has a job. Evan does not let his disability define him, he does not have a ‘bad’ attitude about being different. He is not a whiner, or give excuses for failure. He is much more than a lot of men that are deemed as ‘normal.

I am reading of Abraham sending the servant to find Isaac’s Rebekah. How often the family did arrange for and find a wife for the son. I thought maybe we should, we need to help Evan ‘find’ a companion. But how? How does Evan find his Marissa? His ‘her’ will have to find him attractive now, with all the flaws. His ‘her’ will have to allow him to approach, in spite of his oddities, to see that he has an amazing heart and soul.

Marissa and Ian have given me a new hope. God has shown me through this that He is in control. I have hope that somewhere someone is out there with a heart being formed and fashioned for Evan. God has a plan.



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