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OH Christmas Tree OH Christmas Tree

I can not believe I forgot to post a picture of my Christmas tree! Here it is! It has been up and ‘lighted up’ since Saturday, and decorated on Sunday.

Last year all the G Kids came over and we made cookies and  and and…. But this time only one set came. The LP Gkids came and helped me decorate, standing on the step ladder was the highlight for them all.   I had so hoped to set an annual event of all the Gkids coming and spending time with- And of course their parents if they wanted. But not this time.  One thing that has stuck (so far) is the placing of the Christmas Tree.  Each year one will choose the placement, starting with the oldest and  the next year the next one gets to pick the spot for the tree– the only rule is not in front of the TV.  I will move furniture if need. (I did this year) The oldest was  last year (the first Annual Picking the Place of TheTree Event). This year #2 picked the placement. If there are no more GKid additions, each GKid will pick every 6 years.

My giant tree- which is not real- we went fake when Lee (# 1 son) had his second asthma attack after pulling down the real tree.  I bought this tree, a couple of years ago, when we were still in our travel trailer while building this house (first time I ever never had a tree).  It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby, for—get this- $25- because the lights did not work.  The lights are not embedded in the branches, just wrapped around them.  The out lights were one string. The out lights had one bulb that needed to be pushed back in. So TA DA, I got a GOOOOOOOD deal, a great gift for not getting a tree for one Christmas.

Not being a close shot, you can not tell, the tree is cowboy themed. Rope for garland, red chili pepper covers for some of the lights, bandanas tied here and there, and cowboy type ornaments.  Keith will have nothing else.  It fits actually.  I am working on getting one of the tacky pink or purple Fake fake fake looking ones for the ‘Nonnie Room’ that will be mine!



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