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Fact is not Fiction

Bruce Jenner is a male olympic gold medal winner, who has been married to 3 different women and has 6 children, two from each wife. HE decided that he wanted to look like a woman, because HE feels like he was meant to be a woman (gender dysphoria). Basically God got it wrong. Interesting thing is Bruce does not really want to act like a woman, HE prefers to keep HIS boy parts so HE can use them on real girls.  Bruce is now labeled a hero, or should I say heroine, because HE was so brave to claim HIS reality and pretend to be a female and grow breasts and put on make up, give HIMself a female name, and tuck his junk.  Really?

He will always be a he. Even if he removes the junk. Reality. 

Now I am labeled a transphobic for not accepting the reality Jenner has created that he is a she. Transphobia.

Rachel Dolezal, a caucasian (white) woman decided that she is actually African American (black). She is claiming Transracial Identity.  She identifies with those of black skin because of her adopted siblings. She married a black man and has children with him, half white and half black. Her DNA says she is white. It does not matter how much make up she puts on, how many perms she gets, nor how many children she produced with ‘black’ skin, she is white.  The reality is, when  a black, chinese, indian, mexican, any race is adopted by parents of another race (transracial adoption), the childs DNA does not change to match their parents. Nor do we change our race by marrying someone of a different race. Or living next door to someone of another nationality. Their culture, more than likely will change, but that does not change their race. A red head who colors her hair to brunette, is still a red head, with dyed hair. Reality.

Huffington Post Zeba Blay says transracial identity does not exist and it is wrong to compare Bruce and Rachels life choices. Seems prejudiced to me, if either trans-types existed.  I think it is wrong that SSI considers ones ethnicty the same as one with a disability. I think it is wrong to consider discrimination of homosexuals and racial discrimination the same thing  Homosexuals are choosing an alernate, sinful lifestyle. Being a person of color is nothing to be ashamed of.  I am sure the Huffington would explain their politically correct postmodern selves to be anything but prejudiced. And those like I are radical conservative Christian bigots for calling black black and white white and female female and male male.

What the heck happened to the True Truth? To reality as it is?

Jim Leffel and Dennis McCallum stated in ‘The Death of Truth’ : In the past intolerance meant bigotry or prejudice, that is judging someone or excluding them because of the color of their skin or the ir country of origin, or because of a superficial understanding of what they believe. It also usually implied a desire to use force to oppose other points of view. Intolerance, in the old sense offends most of us. Evangelical Christians have suffered bitterly from intolerance — persecution ranging rom social ridicule to martyrdom. But in post modern usage, intolerance has come to mean simply disagreeing with anyone else’s beliefs. It’s off limits —-‘

Yep.  Those of us who see things for what they are,and point out untruth,  are now intolerant, bigots,fundamentalist.  And those who are not accepting reality for what it is….those who are tolerating everything imaginable are politically correct, accepting and all inclusive, liberal and themselves prejudice of those who stand for the truth.

The truth.

Born male always male. 

Born Female always Female. 

 Coloring your hair or skin does not change your DNA 

If you are a citizen of Africa you are African. Of Mexico Mexican, of Indonesia Indonesian, of America, American.

Abortion is killing a life

There is one True God. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirt. GOD. Yaywah. The Great I AM. 

If anyone of any nationality, skin color, religion, male or female causes harm or death to another person, they should be punished. 

Marriage is a male and female.  Husband and wife.

Men having sex with men, and women having sex with women is wrong

The color of ones skin is not a disability. It is just more or less pigment.

I am not a homophob, racist, intollerant, transphobic,  fundamentalist,  or what  ever those who live in their fantasy worlds, will label me as. I am only stating facts,the truth.  I am not attacking any one, I am stating facts. Just because ‘man’ likes a different reality, does not make it right or true. To accept false as true is to compromise.  Truth is we are who and what we are created to be, by God. We are delusional to think He did wrong, and we can do better. 




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