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She Likes Yellow

The Big Sister of the brothers with the cabin bedroom, needed a paint job also. She likes yellow. And stripes. My first thought was this would be the EASY job, especially after the fireplace rocks and wood effect of the logs. I was WRONG! IMG_3316  No taping was really involved with the boys room!! I hate taping. I now know I hate taping vertical measures stripes worstiser. I also found out that stripes are a bit like wallpaper, the measuring and layout need to be planned.  Hopefully no one will measure the width of the last stripe. After the stripes we added a tree silhouette . My granddaughter has another bedspread with black and white swirls that really makes this look great!   IMG_3321   A few months later we added the stage and curtains, for a birthday gift. This has worked as a stage for performances. Also a runway for clothes designs. A great place to stack clutter of course.  Recently we talked about adding some wall shelves and pillows for a reading corner.  IMG_4130

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Cabin Room

The mother of my Grandsons, the brothers, had a great idea for decorating their room.

She wants it to look like the inside of a log cabin.  She drew out the look of the fireplace she wanted IMG_3302and then asked ,ever so politely ,if I would do it for the boys.

Of course I could not refuse

She painted one wall moss green!IMG_3289

Then part of the opposite wall the same. IMG_3291 (the dresser with the speed limit sign has been replaced, it was a Nonnie project when the theme was cars)

And I added the fireplace. IMG_3303

I know it is weird to paint the log holder first… But it gives me perspective- Besides how would the logs stay in if there were no log holder. Then the moosehead, and I lit the fire, of courseIMG_3308

Then I started the log wall. IMG_3292

Brown, then more brown, then lines and knot holesIMG_3298

The job took me a couple of days. All were happy with it. I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out! I usually am.   IMG_5272  The stockings go up each Christmas . We are still thinking of hanging a real mantel someday.

There was one problem. I forgot the window I was commissioned to paint. I did not even realize it for a few weeks. My daughter in law was too kind to mention it.  So over a year later I finally painted the windowIMG_5270  I do like the window! From a distance the bear does not look like a hairy pig, like it does close up.

We are still in search of a faux bear skin rug for the room. Any one know where to get one?