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18 Days to 50 Years

Well I have not blogged all of my 50 to 50, but I have thought about it 😉 .  The days are dwindling quickly! I am sooooo excited..

Today (tonight) I am going to remember my 18th year, as best I can, for the 18th day away from 50.

18 was a HUGE year for me, I did just about everything in 1981.

I graduated from high school. Or I walked the stage when I was 18. Technically I graduated in December of 1980, and I was still 17. I only needed 2 credits to complete the requirements to graduate, at the beginning of my Senior year. It seemed such a waste of my time, to go all year long.  I did not like all the social ‘kid’ stuff of high school, I was a twirler because Mom wanted me to be. I was a decent student, passed everything, could have been ‘better’ but just did not see the point. I was bored. Keith and I were engaged in October when he moved to Lubbock to go to Tech. If we were not at school or working we were together.  I went in to the school councilor the first week of school and explained all of this to him. Mr Harmon said it could be done, to my and Keith’s joy and my parents surprise.  Mom’s biggest concern was that I ‘walk’ across the stage, – So I did.  Keith and I got off work a little early on Friday, raced home from work and grabbed our weekend wear, and I grabbed my cutest high heel shoes and we left for about 5 pm for the 2 hour drive to Lubbock to make my ceremony at 7:30.  We drove up to the church the ceremony was held in, I rolled up my jeans and put on my high heels, found my parents in the parking lot and got my cap and gown and NHS sash  and raced into the church and found my  S place amongst my classmates who were ready to line in.  Walking across the stage all the girls looked the sames. Like we all had fancy dresses underneath. grad girls-3 But I knew better, I had the cutest shoes and my guy.Scan 10.

I moved out of my home and got an apartment In MIDLAND Again, actually I was 17. Keith and I had come to Midland to visit his parents, in January. I had all intentions to go back to Lubbock and get some kind of full-time job. While in Midland though, I got a job, at the YMCA, making about 8$ an hour .WAY above minimum wage. Keith got a job too, right away. The boom was here, and everyone was hiring.  Just like now. I was straight out of high school and 17 and I got a full time job! Wow.

I met Rice’. Great friend for a long time.

I was hired for a receptionist with an oil service company, when 18- I made about 10$ an hour. REALLY unheard of anywhere else in the world. The bosses would take the office out periodically for ‘liquid’ lunches. To the country clubs etc. I was a ‘business woman’ a 9-5er, at 18 (and still had not ‘walked’ the graduation stage)Milchem Receptionist-2

I planned my wedding.

I had a ovarian cyst that became infected I had my first ‘exam’

We bought a turbo charged Capri.

I started grocery shopping for myself for the first time

I got married when I was 18. On the date we had originally planned, in July. Best day of my life.  Mom was so panicked when I turned 18 in April, living in Midland, with Keith. She was sure I would up and marry since I was ‘legal’. It is not like I hadn’t rushed anything else already 😉Scan 129

I wrote most of my thank you’s

3 Months after getting married, still 18, I became pregnant with our first.

We bought our mobile home

I got my first dog. Missy, a collie shepherd mix. Missy 1 was my family dog when I was a baby Muffin was the dog Mom and Dad brought home, and still had at their home. So technically Missy 2 was my first dog.

I went to Colorado, for honeymoon.

I had the largest creepiest most grotesque water bug crawl out of the toilet onto my leg one evening.

Went ‘home’ for Christmas for the first time. Went ‘home pregnant for the first time. Had Christmas married for the first time. Had Christmas pregnant for the first time.Scan 121

WOW!  Just about everything!



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