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Day 7 Daily Photo Challange- Pict of most treasured item.

It is a big Item. But I do treasure my home. The house that Keith and I built. WE literally did build it, with help from friends and those we contracted to, who became friends,, in a year. .

We have been blessed beyond our imagination. We have always made everything we lived in a home for our family, the boys have some of their best memories even from what I considered our worse house. Keith and I had a dream home in our hearts. We would talk the IF we designed one it would have this and that and the other. Be in homes that inspired, share our covet’s with each other. Then one day the opportunity – Something I know God gave us. Our house doubled in value. Evan moved to San Antonio for school at just that time. The other two had been gone for years. We jumped out on faith. Found some land from a man who was looking for someone to buy, he died 2 months after we bought it. Found some one who was moving out of their used 5th wheel and wanted little for it. Found the material to build the concrete forms at 1/4 the price… EVERY door was being flung open for us. We designed the house exactly as we wanted it. We lived in a travel trailer for a year, and did not divorce. We had friends and family come and offer their help just when we needed. Those we contracted to ended up all becoming friends, they wanted for our dream to happen as much as we. When the rain came on cement pour day and should have ruined it all, and did not, cement guys as well as we all praised God. The men that rocked the house, who did not speak english, knew God was present in our dream home. They implanted in our house with these specially carved rocksI treasure these.

My side gate is the gate from my child hood home, front courtyard.WE added a center that goes better with our house. My front gate was built by Keith and the Texas in the middle is made by our dearest friend Roy.

The concrete walls have the been placed by Lee, and Keith and Brian and Ricky and Dave and me and…..

The walls are painted by Keith and I. Exactly the way we want them , just for us. Every electric outlet installed by dear friends and co workers of Keith’s. I flip a switch or plug in a lamp and I thank God for each one of them. every day! The baseboards put in by Evan on his weekends home. The roof a combined effort of family and church friends. Our well pump installed by a friend of years. Our main gate built by Brian, adorned, again, by Roy My pedestal sink completed by Lee after his dad finally had enough.;) Door’s hung high and low by my guys. A friend built the fence with his father in law. At the completion of the job, we found that we had given our testimony to our faith in God,by just being, and the father in law, decided if being a believer meant having the joy we had, he wanted to know more!!!

Blood, Sweat, tears and love all hold this house together. My house is my most treasured item. It is a gift, a blessing from God. It is the house that God built, we just were his tools. I pray everyday that I can have opportunity to use it for His Glory.



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