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>House Progress

> The roof is pretty much finished!! A little trimming out and cutting edges and it is. What a process! Between the wind and the running out of materials it was a timely procedure. When we finally got the sponge tape in, to finish the 1/4 of the roof we had DAYS of wind. Then when it was perfect we were not able to wrangle enough people back up to help. Two just cannot do it. Though on Sunday we decided we could figure it out, we HAD to. We asked a few new friends,we had run the others all out of town. Most were not going to be able to make it. Brian said he wanted to help finish it out, that was 3, 4 is better but 3 is better than 2. Just as Brian drove up so did Nathanial, a young man who REALLY could have found better company and activity for his Sunday, putting up a roof for old people from his church could not be at the top of his FUN list. 4 is good! So we started B & K on the roof and N & C (me) on the bottom, putting on tape, removing protective film and loading the 24 ft peice on our loading shoot, the peice bows in the middle if you don’t hold it just right. Just 2 peices up a red truck drives up and it is Roy and Faye, our dear friends. They had just said goodbye to their daughter and grandson and decided the day was so gorgeous we MUST be doing something on the house so they drove 30+ miles to come and see what they could help out with. 6 people working on the roof– It was great, the way Roy and Brian and Keith worked together it was the first time the ground crew could not keep up!! God set up an awsome crew!THE FLOORS ARE FINISHED

You can see the shine! And NO we are not staining them, the color is in the concrete. The neat thing is each room has it’s own personality and color! It is great! The floors are exactly what we were going for, we are very pleased, it was worth it.
I have not even tried to add all my hours together, put I am pretty sure it is up to 1000.
NEVER again! This will not be my business, I will not do this for a living, the machine is for sale!
We are now waiting for the foam insulation people to come in– Tomorrow was the day, but we got a cold front, RAIN (drops of water from the sky) and 32-40 degrees, so it is freezing.
The guy will probably come Friday.
Things to come:
finish out plumbing(spouts out)
poly cabinets,1 sand and 1more coat(they came in and are gorgeous)
master bath stuff
lights in
set up kitchen-cabinets, appliances.
With all this we should be able to move in!


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