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Another has gone home.

Keith’s dad Gerald has died. Gerald has been passively ill for a few years.  Just a few months ago the decision was made that he move to a nursing home, it was a difficult decision. Gerald physically was declining, and mentally declined.  The hopes and desires of course were different, the truth, it was not healthy nor safe for Mary Lou or Gerald, for him to stay home with her.

A week ago Hospice who helps with the care of Gerald, notified Mary Lou that Gerald was actively dying.  This was the beginning, and could take some time.  With my own father it was about a week. The next day, the offer and acceptance of him moving to Hospice house- This was a great relief and blessing.  The house, as Keith described it, was beautiful, it was a ,’home’, it reminded him of Geralds childhood home, Keith had known from visiting his grandparents.  It is an older home, two story, and filled with antiques, the only part not ‘homey’ the hospital beds, but the atmosphere made up for this.
The day after moving to this home, Keith’s brother made it in to town, and saw his father, as it was, just a few hours before Gerald went to his eternal home with our Father.  Gerald left this world, peacefully and quietly, an answer to prayers ,in the quiet of the morning, just he with the Lord.
The out pouring of love that followed was amazing.  The perfect timing ,for so very many to be at the service amazing. The many people that came to honor Gerald, amazing.
This service for Gerald, actually, revived him, in all of our hearts and memories.  Gerald had slipped away from us all, the man we had seen for the past few years, was not the man Gerald had been.  The man Gerald had become died, but the Gerald we knew and loved was honored at the services was brought back to life in our memories. Our Gerald, ‘Big G’, Gia, Brother Petty is alive and well forever more.
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>Topping things off

We are in the process of roofing. Still.  The metal came in. Pretty and silver. The shortest piece it 3′ the longest is 29″ approximately 18″ wide.  

The order of build is to do the  back porch then the back main roof- front porch and front of main roof.
Brian and Keith began the back porch. The lining up of the first piece and the next few was most tedious. They intended on having all of the porch finished by the time some awesome friends from church and work came in, so the ‘hardest’ could be worked on when there were many. It did not happen that way. 
Steps to be taken, are get a section of metal, the 20+ sheets have to have one on each end and NOT bend it. Lay it down- pull the blue protection plastic off of the outside, flip it over and run 1/2″ foam tape down the middle (to prevent Oil Canning?) Then hook onto rope and clamp so the on the roof guys can pull it up the ramp, which Tanah says looks a ‘little like a good slide’. 
We set up an assembly line and it worked pretty well, as long as I did not get cocky and try to show Jack how to really put the tape on straight, the WRONG side.  And as long as we did not have two Geologist putting on the tape, the WRONG side 5 TIMES!  
The wind cooperated pretty much all the time.  Only picking up at the end of the day Super bowl Sunday, actually just in time for all to make their parties. Freeing Keith from being the friend they hated for abusing their friendship and causing them to miss the game. 
Since then we have had a couple of good un windy days, Keith worked on the sides of the front porch, and another friend showed up one day to help him do that, just because he felt he might be needed.  God has provided.
We had all intentions to finish the roof this past weekend, when Lee came in town bringing Evan for a visit.  We had decided to pay Lee the $ for the flight for Evan to come home would be like killing a bunch of chickens, getting more help, getting to see Evan, getting to see grand kids.  IT WAS A GREAT PLAN, just not for the same reasons we had.  
As it was, Gerald, Keith’s dad passed away just before their coming in, so we had a memorial service to attend, and they were all able to be here.
The wind blew like CRAZY all this time, building to a crescendo on Sunday as everyone left to 40 mile gusts. Keeping us from deciding to do some work to make up for lost time.  We have lost nothing. Keith is emotionally and physically wiped out, being on a roof is probably the last place he should be right now.
God has been ever present in this build.  Most recently it has been in the use of our church body.  The men that have come to help us, have been a blessing. More than just physical labor, but spiritual growth. Asking for help is the last thing, we, Keith, will do. We both feel we have jumped into this with both feet, and should not expect, ask, even desire others to even dip a toe in of their own. We are learning. Just as these men were giving their time to us, I was hearing a on ipod Daily Bible, of Moses who received help to hold up his hands to help the Israelites to victory in war. In the same reading Moses was advised to accept help in ministering to the Israelites.  Receiving help is also a service, as well as giving it. I am thinking even more so, it takes humility.  
So today as we have forecast of 60 mile gusts, we are standing back and knowing HE is in control, and as much as we want this done now, God will bring this home to completion in His time.  We have placed the scripture, ‘As for me and my house we will serve the Lord’ literally everywhere on this home.  Cut into the concrete on the porch, written on the styrofoam wall,I intend on stenciling this on my walls, and it is in our hearts.  We must know this and allow this, thus allowing God control of this, His home. We have been blessed beyond what we deserved. We have the desire to let Him use this home for His work, and want to be vessels for Him. So we wait and learn.