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Big Sister Princess Party


Tanah and Cheyanne both are princess fanatics. I am amazed with how very young kids are when they start obsessing with ?? now. My princess stage was around 1st grade– Not 2. But then even we (45 or so years old) just did not have the TV/movie influence — All the movies I saw when I was 1st grade plus, in the theater (late showing, because Mom and Dad never could get to the movies till the last showing about 20 minutes late) are now on DVD, being released from ‘the vault’ periodically. I am so excited to see the first 20 minutes of all of the oldies!!

For months Tanah’s phone conversation with us always consists of her having a princess birthday party soon. The problem is Tanah had a birthday this past July, so the party is quite awhile away. So in conversation, just before their trip to bring Evan home for his birthday, Tanah thought it was a good time to suggest a princess party for Evan… Well that would not work. But Papaw thought surely we could have a princess party AND celebrate Evans party some other way.. So Nonnie told the girls we would have a princess party, a big sister princess party, since Tanah just became one and Cheyanne would be soon. — It was a blast.

Ash let us use her house (mine is still on wheels and I can reach all sides when I stretch my arms out) I found a trunk of princess dresses at Sams, and Keith insisted on the box of 8 high heel shoes too.. We had pink princess cupcakes I found a tea set for our clear rasberry KoolAid, and of course Princess fruit snacks…

The girls oohed and ahhed at the dresses, dressed up without much issue, neither wanted the others ‘goods’ and then came to the table. The , 2 and 3 year olds, who squeel, run, fall and whine and ‘I want’ and pout pretty much 60% of their day,turned into the quietest most delicate, prim princesses — without a prompting one from Moms or Nonnies, they sat so daintily, poured their , tea and held out their pinkies– it was eerie!! But adorable.

God has blessed me so very much– What a joy to play with these little girls! And their moms… They are my best friends.



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One thought on “Big Sister Princess Party

  1. >Christy, You have such a beautiful family and I know that you are just sooo proud! Thanks for all of these blogs to keep us up to date. It’s amazing that you do these! I can barely find the time to send an e-mail. Hope you have a great week. XO, Ashley


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