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A Bit about the house build slide

>Keith has been wanting to show all the progress on the house thus far.  The original slide show is much better. But this will suffice. F

For some weird reason it will not upload straight to blogger, and the way ‘they’ tell me ‘talk to them is useless.   I have a youtube account– but just found out the Post Office does not allow them to open it there.  So I just signed on to Photo Bucket– Just click the picture and it will send you to PhotoBucket then click the picture again.. It should work.
The house is coming along–there have been so many things that have happened also– blessings really, but some sure seemed like trials while we were enduring…
I will explain a bit more in next posting.. Maybe–
Because Wednesday post will be about my newest grandbaby…
Ash will be induced Wed. AM