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ICF Walls Happening

We poured the walls!! What a relief! I have posted a few more pictures to Photo bucket and it really should be on just under this post… Suppose to know what I am doing- I finally got it to work- it is posted on November 22– So this is out of order– Like everything with a build.

The wall pouring was so very intense! We had gone the Friday before our pour on Monday, to Dave and Pams home to help them pour. Keith had met them in Lubbock at the class Poly sTeel gave as a how to. Keith and Dave really hit it off and have been calling back and forth and following each others progress, and promised to trade off ‘help’. Pam and Dave ‘got to’ pour first.
There were some issues in their pour. The slump was too thick then too soupy, the pumper was not ‘pumping’ as efficiently as they expected. The pump hose was an inch wider than the wall. So thy had to walk around and holding a couple of board together to funnel the cement into the house walls. We left with lots of ideas of what we were not going to have happen. Most of it did not. But other did.
First pour of slump was perfect! Second x around was a bit soupy and started urping out of the window holes. The window holes are meant to use when you need to pump the cement under windows in case the cement does not flow under them. That was not a problem!
So as the soup pumped through the windows, plopping on the ground and my floor, I crammed my hands in the holes and screamed up to the guys, who could hear nothing. ‘MOVE’. Seriously all they needed to do is figure out this by the second window urping, and scan the window areas and save my hands from later rotting off from cement contact.
Then comes the 3rd x around , we waited a bit so the soup would harden up some. We were thinking ahead. NOT. We thought after the window fiasco, that was our biggest problem. NOT.
Half way around, in an area in between two windows, Keith and Lee are pumping and pumping and pumping the supposed last two feet of cement– NOT. Keith realized at the last moment, or past the last moment, the 8 ft of cement that was suppose to be there was NOT, it had pumped under and out the windows on the other pour. So they pumped almost 8 ft into the walls- a BIG NO NO. Just as he figured it out he yelled MOVE. They started to then ‘ CRACK” BLOWOUT. But God is gracious, it was on the outside of the wall!! I ran out and tried to hold the hole closed as the other guys found the emergency peices of patch wood that we had set up for maybe blowouts. We survived it, the house survived it, Dave and Rex patched the hole. We used the amazingly long screws the guy from Garden City gave us, just in case.
So now here we are walls, no more wondering if the braces will hold our styrofoam walls together till we pour. We have walls! Ordered our windows. Our roof/trusses are being built and designed. Our floor grinder made it in!– The day is coming, we will have a house!
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>The PROUDest Grandma!


She is here!  Our precious little doll, Erin Faith– She was born October 1.
Now one, thus far, to be a ‘shoe in’ to pass some of Nana’s opals to! (Moms Bday is 10/11)
                     Mom would be so proud! She was so very proud of Tanah and Cheyanne.
 Mom loved to show the girls off when they visited her.  I found at least 4 notations of a visit from Cheyanne to Manor Park.— It was just about a year ago, for the October birthday celebrations at Manor Park.  All the honorees were to be presented with cake and their families came to enjoy the celebration with musical entertainment.  Ashton and Cheyanne and Keith and Evan and I were there to help celebrate the evening. At the last minute, the entertainment canceled, so the entertainment was presented by the resident pianist(one of the residents who had taught piano at the college prior to moving to Manor Park who plays very well.)
Cheyanne was about 17 months and toddling well, and of course absolutely gorgeous with the big baby blues and blond curls.  When the piano began to play Cheyanne wanted out of the stroller, so we obliged.  Chey then proceeded to ‘work’ the room.  Went to all the tables and smiled and cooed, then went to the piano player and smiled and cooed, then eyed  the stage and smiled and ran and climbed upon it. Then she smiled and wooed!
All of Mom’s notations were of how everyone told her ‘her great granddaughter was gorgeous, so precious, and much better than any entertainment that could have come in.’  In each note she agreed and said “how very proud she was of her greats, grands, and loved all of her family dearly.” I know Mom just as thrilled with Ty and Erin.  My phone would be ringing constantly until they came to visit and then more to find out when they would come back.
I too am proud,  more than I think anyone can imagine. Even more than Mom could know.   Proud that I am blessed with these grandchildren, with my children, now adults and their wives, my ‘daughters’.  Proud that God gifted me with these wonderful gifts.  They are affirmation of me, of my being.  To see that these families, these children are direct descen-dants, products of my existence, gives me amazing purpose.  God meant me to be, I am no ‘mistake’.  All I have to do is look into the eyes of, Lee, Brian, Evan, Tanah, Cheyanne, Ty and Erin and see a little of me, and KNOW they are His, He has a plan and we are all part of it,and He makes no mistakes..