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As my favorite book character Skippy Jon Jones would say– Holy Frijoles!  I have bEEEEEN BEEAZY!   I have really missed blogging for a bit! I have blogged so many wonderful informative thought provoking, inspirational, posts in my leeeetle brain, If only this website had a direct link.

Since my post of Evan going in the hospital, about 2 weeks ago:

  • There has been 102 hours for Evan in the hospital,
  • 72 for me sitting in the room with him waiting for 10 minutes of conversation with the MD.  The other 30 hours I was either sleeping or driving to or from the hospital.
  •  I shopped with Keith at a very picked over Hobby Lobby for tree #2 for his facility.
  • Went to see A Christmas Carol at our local Theater, with some ‘company folk’Our nephew, who just moved to Midland, is performing in it, so it was an extra treat.
  • Friday I went and put up tree # 2 at Keith’s work.
  • I have gone to Sam’s twice.
  • HEB twice.
  • Natural Grocers once.
  • Target.
  • Walmart.
  • Kirklands twice.
  • Super Mercado, twice within 20 minutes.
  • Pharmacy, twice,
  • Academy once.
  • I have done 3 loads of clothes,
  • 3 loads of dishes,
  • swept 3 times,
  • cleaned 3 bathrooms,
  • cleaned out 2 refrigerators,
  • cleaned my closet floor 2x.
  • I was Evan’s voice to Albertsons so he could get back to work (he needed release forms signed by doctor, I had to explain to Evan, he did the actual getting of though
  • Erin, our #4 grand, had a horrible reaction to her antibiotic, her parents called us 1AM Monday, to come and watch the other 2 while they rushed E into ER, a shot of benadryl and steroid, they were back by 4 AM
  • I did a phone interview for Glutino Ambassador Monday (I got it).
  • Made pretzel bark,
  • Made artichoke dip,
  • Set up for party.
  • Church.
  • Cleaned up after Keith’s cookie making.
  • 2 Wednesday’s with Law so he does not have to do the nursery ‘again’.
  • Walked only 6 miles :(.
  • Did 100 sit ups.
  • Attended a funeral.
  • Threw tumbleweeds.
  • Played in hospital halls with Law.
  • Had a bit of a hangover.
  • Restarted Dukan, today.
  • Fell off of Dukan, today.
  • Read Judges.
  • Thought of lots to say.
  • Emailed Christmas plans to family, again.
  • Changed clothes a billion times.
  • Brought Evan home.
  • Helped him ‘move’ back home.
  • Reposted sell of his car on Craigslist.
  • Raced Law to toilet to poop twice.
  • And a partridge in a pear tree

I think I got a bit cocky about my having it all together, prior to Evan’s hospital stay. I had many empty days, and was going to steal grandchildren and play, and look so ‘together’ and cool this year. And blog.

Well now I have NO empty days. But lots of accomplishments, and blessings instead!

Keith changed jobs 6 months ago, from 26 years of postal. The party was of/for  those that work with Keith, a great bunch of people. Blessed

All of those in our home for the first time, the compliments of the house that God built, with our hands, a sweet reminder of what God has given us. Blessed

The day of the party Keith used another day of vacation he ‘had’ to use. He spent the day with me preparing for the party. Keith cooks with me, laughs with me, cleans with me, provides everything, Blessed

We attended a funeral of a dear, great friend, John Pass, kindest man (next to my dad) I think I have ever known. He lived a long life blessing others. Lives like John’s make me ponder my own, I have a lot to do.To have known John. I am blessed.

Yesterday we had a sandstorm beyond what many will ever experience. s. 40 mile winds constantly with gusts probably above 60. It cleared the tumbleweeds off of the property, they were stacked over 6 feet tall and about 6 feet deep across the gate this morning. Today I threw tumble weeds over the fence, until I got too choked up from allergies. Where is the blessing? No damage and It is not blowing today!Blessed!

Today as I threw the tumbleweeds over the fence, I was thinking how impossible it would be to clear all 10 acres of tumbleweeds, but with them all piled on the same fence line, not so hard. It still took some work on my part, but God got it all lined out for me now. Blessed

Evan is back at work. Albertson’s was wanting for him, needing him to return, the holiday time is busy at a grocery, you know.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder as well as need.  I think they saw how much Evan actually does do. A cashier was telling us she has been concerned over how he had been looking lately, she obviously had been paying attention to him. Evan himself has found that they really do like him, and need him. Blessed

Evan is working Christmas Eve, which puts a snafu in our Old Petty Christmas Eve, but he gets off at 6:00, in time for the candlelight. Blessed

The whole ulcer thing is a blessing. The ‘Cry Wolf’ thing I wondered on, I had actually decided Evan was a complainer/cryer. I was wrong. I will admit it. I love that I was wrong about his character!  Evan has taken eating, or not eating wheat VERY seriously now! Albertsons now sees Evan as a dilegint worker, he works through the pain, he wants to get back to work ASAP, a quality employee! Not to forget, this ulcer did not perforate and cause more damage! Evan could be still in the hospital or even worse, dead, IF the pain had not beat out the perforation.

Yes, blessings make me bEEEEEzy. I have all of my children, all of my grandchildren, my husband. I am busy because I have it all.