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Blood That Speaks: One Reason I’m Voting For Mitt Romney

Blood That Speaks: One Reason I’m Voting For Mitt Romney.

Well Chief of Least is really helpin me out with my restart of blogging!

I had thought yesterday on my posting of political ideas.  I suspect I may have a few less than conservative followers. It is okay, love ya anyway ;). I hope the same is true, for me, from you. If it is not, I will continue though, because I am not a servant of man but a servant of God.

I too struggled with the only option I have as president to be a man who does not believe in the Truth of our One and only God completely. I did not vote for Romney in this primary nor the last. But now Romney IS the only option for me. Lesser of two evils, I suppose. But on the evil scale, believing as a Morman is waaaaaaay below believing as and being Obama.

Character is a HUGE issue. I do not believe you can have any character if you do not believe in something beyond yourself and your own power to make things happen. You must be humble to possess character. Character is based on the morals you have. You can not have morals if you do not answer to a higher power that defines right and wrong. If you do not believe in anything beyond your self you will believe you are right in all you do. I believe Obama is an egotist, at least. I do not believe him to want for anyone but himself. How can someone who is out for only their good lead thousands?

Obama’s phrase this time is he will move this nation forward. Forward? Into what?



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