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Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

 This is Midland Memorial Hospital, I hate this place. Not just because it is a hospital. I don’t hate Dallas Childrens Hospital. I don’t hate Medical City Dallas. I don’t hate Cook’s in Fort Worth.I don’t hate Odessa Regional Medical Center.  I don’t hate UMC or Covenant Hospital’s in Lubbock.  All of these hospitals I have experienced. Only Midland Memorial have we received inadequate even harmful treatment, EVERY TIME!
Different doctors, different nurses, different maladies, different patients, but not different results, with Midland Memorial. We have sat in the emergency room with a broken arm, a broken ankle, a choking child, a broken wrist, a ‘broken’ back/vertebrae, shoulder broken off of clavicle, broken elbow, elbows out of joint, pneumonia from asphyxiation, blood clots.  All mismanaged, or misdiagnosed, or made worse from treatment.  All had to be treated correctly AFTER leaving the hospital, some had to repair damage done at the hospital.
Beyond emergency care was birthing of my 3 children, all three there were mistakes made either with me or my children, with IV’s, Feedings, medications. Evan had anesthesiologist mistakes made that will last him a lifetime. Nurses undid what Dr.s did. My dad was over medicated. Xrays have been misread. Tests have been lost and botched. Yes, MD’s, Nurses, Anesthesiologist all were responsible for their mistakes, but all of these mistakes happened consistently in this hospital.
The other hospitals did surgeries, treated illness, ran tests, researched, set bones, reset bones, anesthetized, without causing damage, they actually healed.  Sure some of the food was not great. Yes they had a moody nurse or two, but never did they do harm.
Midland Memorial is the only hospital in Midland County. No competition. Most of the people who go there don’t have the ‘experience’ we have with hospitals, so I suppose they think this is the way hospitals should be? Our saying about Midland Memorial” You go there to die.–  I HATE Midland Memorial Hospital.
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Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

I hope the photo challenge police don’t get me for this. But like #9 I just can not come up with a ‘person’. Keith of course is in the running, just as in #9, because he has been ‘in’ my life the most.

Also not real sure on the ‘messed up’ definition. Messed up as in goofy fun a bit on the dangerous or just plain wrong? Either way I don’t have a person to point my finger at, except myself. As far as I can remember I am the person I am always with when I have done something goofy fun and a bit on the dangerous side, or just plain wrong ;).

Even this posting- I myself ‘messed up’ all by myself- I posted it Saturday and something went very wrong– This is a reposting of the first.

The first I wrote of why I am a  ‘all by myself’ — I will try again. It is not a sad thing, really. I am an introvert.  YES,  DAMN IT I AM.  Introvert does not mean shy, though I don’t think shy people can be extroverts. I do like people I like being around people, I like talking to people, I like, very much, having friends. BUT, I think think think think think think think, before I can ever figure out what to say to start a conversation. I like my time alone, A LOT. If I am with people for a bit, I really need time away, to gel.

I have issues being a people pleaser, YET I don’t change the way I am, or think, or do to please people.(which some do just to make others happy) I just want people to like me for me, accept me for me.   So when someone questions my methods of madness or point out the same. When someone critisizes me or my ….whatever,  I construe it as they don’t like me. I am wrong. I get that now.

I do what I do because I feel led to, it feels right, or I know it is right. I probably act on feelings and perception first and thinking next. This being me, I may do a few more ‘messed up’ things in the eyes of others–Which brings me back to the people pleaser thing. — I suppose you could say I don’t conform. It is not a bad thing,

Romans 12:2Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Not that all I do, is approved by God. I, at least, am not doing it for the world, that has to count for something 😉

So Me, Myself and I am/are the person I do the most messed up things with– I got proof.

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Day 9 Photo Challenge- Pict of Person who has gotten you through the most

At first I thought this award would go to …… . I mean who else? What other person, seeing he has been ‘with’ me the majority of my life? Then I thought, again.

Well, me myself and I has gotten me through quite a bit 😉  . Well actually not. I have not gotten myself out of anything.

By myself, or with Keith I would not have gotten through anything without God. I know, I know God is not a person, but Jesus is!! So that is my all time person getting me through the most,Jesus. I don’t have a photo of him.  I don’t know what he actually looks like, but I think I will recognize him when I see him face to face.

One of my first memories, I am about 4, laying in the floor of my living room,  my parents and brothers have all gone outside, I stayed in playing with my Penny Brite. Penny Brite has a pearl necklace, little beads on a wire. This necklace has become tangled in the burber type carpet and I am trying to pull it loose. Somehow curved end of the wire embeds in my finger, I am now connected to the carpet via the bead necklace. I pull a bit and embeds more, it starts to bleed little drops of red. I cry out but no one can hear me, I can see their heads out side the window. I remember to this day feeling a calm come over me and laying down and just watching the little drop of blood, I do think I cried softly too. My parents came in and found me that way, crying a bit. My dad grabbed some pliers and started plying – I remember him being frustrated, because it had hooked under my skin somehow and kept grabbing more as he tried to pull it out, I whimpered. Dad was going through all the what happened, why didn’t you call us, ect. I told him I did. Then I said, ‘but Jesus told me lay down and wait’. Just as I told him that the wire finally slipped out of my finger.

Jesus talk was not a norm in our house. We went to church, Methodist church. (nuff said?) Dad said the same prayer at supper, and Sunday Lunch. I said my “lay me down” at night. But we were not Jesus talkers.I am not weird or flakey, I promise. I actually don’t think I have represented my self well as a believer most of my life. A lot of people probably would not have pointed to me and said, “that girl has Jesus in her life.” But I did, I do.

Since then when something needs to be gotten through, whether it be a lost pet or a dying brother. A car wreck or a lost ring. A sick child or an argument between Keith and I that seems to be ‘the one we can not recover from.’  Times I have been frightened. Times I have strayed so far away from God there seems to be no way back.  When I am lonely. . In turmoil of life. The familiar feeling of calm,  that I felt and remember 44 years later, comes and I get through.