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Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

 This is Midland Memorial Hospital, I hate this place. Not just because it is a hospital. I don’t hate Dallas Childrens Hospital. I don’t hate Medical City Dallas. I don’t hate Cook’s in Fort Worth.I don’t hate Odessa Regional Medical Center.  I don’t hate UMC or Covenant Hospital’s in Lubbock.  All of these hospitals I have experienced. Only Midland Memorial have we received inadequate even harmful treatment, EVERY TIME!
Different doctors, different nurses, different maladies, different patients, but not different results, with Midland Memorial. We have sat in the emergency room with a broken arm, a broken ankle, a choking child, a broken wrist, a ‘broken’ back/vertebrae, shoulder broken off of clavicle, broken elbow, elbows out of joint, pneumonia from asphyxiation, blood clots.  All mismanaged, or misdiagnosed, or made worse from treatment.  All had to be treated correctly AFTER leaving the hospital, some had to repair damage done at the hospital.
Beyond emergency care was birthing of my 3 children, all three there were mistakes made either with me or my children, with IV’s, Feedings, medications. Evan had anesthesiologist mistakes made that will last him a lifetime. Nurses undid what Dr.s did. My dad was over medicated. Xrays have been misread. Tests have been lost and botched. Yes, MD’s, Nurses, Anesthesiologist all were responsible for their mistakes, but all of these mistakes happened consistently in this hospital.
The other hospitals did surgeries, treated illness, ran tests, researched, set bones, reset bones, anesthetized, without causing damage, they actually healed.  Sure some of the food was not great. Yes they had a moody nurse or two, but never did they do harm.
Midland Memorial is the only hospital in Midland County. No competition. Most of the people who go there don’t have the ‘experience’ we have with hospitals, so I suppose they think this is the way hospitals should be? Our saying about Midland Memorial” You go there to die.–  I HATE Midland Memorial Hospital.


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2 thoughts on “Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

    1. It is. It is Midland’s only hospital,we had a private one for a few years, it really was great! MMH actually stepped it up in that time. BUT, something happened to the private- and Midland took it for basically it’s Labor and delivery and some out patient surgeries. – MMH expanded main building recently and is going to move all back to same building. The private hospital turned MMH will be for sell, but it is said MMH will not sell to any one who will use it as a hospital- they will let it rot before they have to compete again. We do have Odessa for emergencies now. Small new hospital is going up in near small town. All major surgeries and such are in Dallas, 300 miles away.


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