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Day 9 Photo Challenge- Pict of Person who has gotten you through the most

At first I thought this award would go to …… . I mean who else? What other person, seeing he has been ‘with’ me the majority of my life? Then I thought, again.

Well, me myself and I has gotten me through quite a bit 😉  . Well actually not. I have not gotten myself out of anything.

By myself, or with Keith I would not have gotten through anything without God. I know, I know God is not a person, but Jesus is!! So that is my all time person getting me through the most,Jesus. I don’t have a photo of him.  I don’t know what he actually looks like, but I think I will recognize him when I see him face to face.

One of my first memories, I am about 4, laying in the floor of my living room,  my parents and brothers have all gone outside, I stayed in playing with my Penny Brite. Penny Brite has a pearl necklace, little beads on a wire. This necklace has become tangled in the burber type carpet and I am trying to pull it loose. Somehow curved end of the wire embeds in my finger, I am now connected to the carpet via the bead necklace. I pull a bit and embeds more, it starts to bleed little drops of red. I cry out but no one can hear me, I can see their heads out side the window. I remember to this day feeling a calm come over me and laying down and just watching the little drop of blood, I do think I cried softly too. My parents came in and found me that way, crying a bit. My dad grabbed some pliers and started plying – I remember him being frustrated, because it had hooked under my skin somehow and kept grabbing more as he tried to pull it out, I whimpered. Dad was going through all the what happened, why didn’t you call us, ect. I told him I did. Then I said, ‘but Jesus told me lay down and wait’. Just as I told him that the wire finally slipped out of my finger.

Jesus talk was not a norm in our house. We went to church, Methodist church. (nuff said?) Dad said the same prayer at supper, and Sunday Lunch. I said my “lay me down” at night. But we were not Jesus talkers.I am not weird or flakey, I promise. I actually don’t think I have represented my self well as a believer most of my life. A lot of people probably would not have pointed to me and said, “that girl has Jesus in her life.” But I did, I do.

Since then when something needs to be gotten through, whether it be a lost pet or a dying brother. A car wreck or a lost ring. A sick child or an argument between Keith and I that seems to be ‘the one we can not recover from.’  Times I have been frightened. Times I have strayed so far away from God there seems to be no way back.  When I am lonely. . In turmoil of life. The familiar feeling of calm,  that I felt and remember 44 years later, comes and I get through. 



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