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He is getting the bags, I hope

Ok, short quick one from inside prop job was previous. Keith is now in terminal A waiting for them to unload the baggage, then he will check them then he will go through security. We have a bit of time, I think.

The flight from MIdland was a prop plane. Keith says American used to be the ones with prop jobs and Continental had all jets, now someone bought someone and swapped planes, I guess. Once we were on the plane I was excited we were on row 5, thinking it would give us a head start once we landed to get Keith to the baggage. Not thinking about them also needing to get on the ball and get the baggage off the plane. Well we settled in, somewhat, then the stewardess asked for some of the people to move to the back to balance the plane. One person moved. Then she asked for 2 more. Keith moved. After I posted blog I moved. I think just enough later to miff the attendant.
On the way over we saw the fires in the hill country. In the middle of lots of trees, a forest . We need rain. We need relief from these natural disasters.
Well we are waiting to get on the plane WE. And our bags are on. No thanks to Continental The baggage thing broke, jambed actually, and no one came to tell the 15 passengers(customers) for an hour. Our bags were literally stuck on the slide and no one would go get them. I found a British airline lady in the 1st class club, Susan, she did some amazing things. God also delayed our flight just enough so when Keith did get the luggage it was possible for him to get the bags rechecked within the hour limit. God is good!




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