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1st Snaffu

We are about to load on the plane to Houston. We had a Small problem that could be big once we hit Houston. Continental check in chic “says” we can not check bags through to Lusaka we have to pick them up at the outside security area and get them back in to Gate D go through security and recheck baggage before British closes their baggage acceptance. Keith just moved to help balance weight. Closing doors

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Wearing a Missionary Hat

We are blessed to belong to a church family that believes in WE , the church body, being the missionaries of the world.  Instead of supporting one family or person to be located in an area of ‘need’, we equip ourselves and take the step out and touch many with the gospel and then follow up teaching and equipping of those who are new believers in Christ, to go out and do what we started ourselves.  The commissioning Christ gave to his disciples just before ascending in the clouds.

Keith and I are going on a missionary trip, in addtion to five women from our church.  Keith’s mission is mainly to try to open the road blocks (literally) for a missionary that is located in South Africa.  Stop points hamper getting from one church to another by hours, even days.  IF we can obtain a pass of sorts, travel can be more efficient for us and him.  Keith will also be teaching a Mens Ministry of being Godly Men.  I and another woman will be facilitating ‘Changing Me’ a study of being a Godly Wife.  We teach the study and also teach how to teach the study, so these women can go out and teach to others who can teach to others….. There will be 3 teams in 3 different areas, this will reach hundreds!

I am honored to be a part of this mission! Blessed that God would call me to do this!

Now I just need to get out of the house!  I absolutely HATE leaving home!!!! Once I am gone I am fine, but right now I am not.  I fly out in 4 hours, and am posting on my blog.

I am praying for Wi Fi in Zambia.

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Traveling Gluten Free

Keith and I are starting a mission into a vacation trek into other parts of the world.  We will be in Zambia South Africa for a time and then we are stopping over in France for a bit!

We will fly Continental with no meals to catch British Airways in big Hub and have Gluten Free meals, 6 over and 6 back.   We will see how British does!!!

The Zambia stay will probably not have much issue with GF eating, unless they try to Americanize for us and add pasta.  France I am totally clueless about, I think I may be wanting of pastries and such. Aren’t the French suppose to be pastry people?  It is an adventure and I will take you along!!

Check in and see what we eat!! I can not promise the posting will be real consistent, seeing we do not know when we will have wi fi- But I know we will once we reach Paris- So for sure in about 10 days I can tell you about Zambia, if not sooner!!

Tune in!