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>Sick of bein Sick

>Evan came home from work, almost a week ago, and said his back hurt, he had hurt it he thought ‘lifting lots of dirt’.

The next day he came home early with a really bad stomach ache, and his back hurt too.  I told him I had hurt my back once and it made my stomach hurt too, so maybe that was it.  I put him to bed with a heating pad.  He slept most of the day.  He got up about 6 not feeling well enough to eat.  He started throwing up soon after.  I was wrong this was something else.

The next day I felt a twinge in my back, that I thought might be that same muscle strain I had about a week before. Then I started getting that kind of woozy feeling you get when you drink too much coffee, and I hadn’t. Was I getting ‘it?  My back proceeded to AAAAAACCCCCCHHHHEEEE more and more, and my stomach followed. I had ‘it’.

Evan seemed to be coming back from  his misery, not throwing up any more, back aching but stomach not. So I thought ok, this will end quick, what ever it is.  Then the stomach cramps started. I honestly think they were worse that labor, at least with labor they had a cycle and a time nothing was happening.  These cramps defined gut wrenching. I had the TV on and in between times I could pass out and go into a writhing sleep and the times I was trying to MAKE it stop, I saw some parts of movies.  One was of a Keifer Sutherland being buried alive, my first thought “I will take buried alive anyday over this crap!” Later Uma Thurman was buried alive.  They both got out, my back still hurts.

Evan seemed to be better-ish by day 3 so I knew I too would be, I was by my day 3, but Evan went back to back pain and sick feeling, so then I did too.We have had moments we kind of crossed in being well together and then sick together.  Spent most of Sunday laying in my bed together watching movies, with Brian and Ashton’s 2 chihuahuas and Liz the kitten too, that should be something for the memory bank.

This illness progression is now an issue I have, this virus or germbug, what ever it is and it’s agenda.
How the heck does this thing know where to go, and how to do it?  I picture all these little germs, arriving at the body on this germ ship, they jump out and the head Germy starts shouting orders “Back pain for about 10 hours then stomach pain for approximately 5 hours then we will makes em hurl, after that we will back off and let them think we are gone, but actually we will rendezvous back in the back organ and continue our assault there.” They, the germs seem to have this little plan, this schedule, who the heck made it?   Can these germs really think and logic out what they are going to do to us? They must be able too, we all know their plan; The 24 hour flu, the cold that last’s a week, the 3 day stomach bug.The fact that they have a plan and can follow through with it, actually makes them more efficient than I!

Day 5, still trying to outsmart something I can’t see.



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