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The Beat Goes on and on and on..

>So much can happen in a month!! I don’t even know if I can remember it all. I will try to recap.

We are loving the house!! Still working on it, bits and pieces still need to be done but it is fabulous.
Having Lee Meg and Tanah and Ty with us is even more fabulous. Tanah is so funny, busy, talkative– Much different than those boys I raised.
Having Tanah here has an added benefit too! Cheyanne comes to visit, and even has spent the night a couple of nights!! NONNIE HEAVEN! Nonnie Paradise will be when the 3 girls are here, giggeling in bed, and Ty is sneaking around trying to find ways to scare them, and the Mom’s and Dad’s are not anywhere to be seen!!
We had our appreciation party for all of those that came and helped us build this house. So many came, again we felt so blessed to have friends like these that wanted to come and share with us! We can never do enough for them.
The Rock is on the house!! It took the guys about 1 week– It looks fabulous.
April disappeared in a afternoon thunderstorm
Bubba left us while rock guys here, and never returned.
Keith got a wild hair and spent some of his shop money on a couple of 4 wheelers
Also Papaw decided that the grandgirls could have kittens. Stipulation they live outside. (Kittens) We Got two, Chey named hers (black one) Sally. And Tan named her Tabby Ruby. A couple of days later we picked up the sib of the tabby and her name is Cutie– Right now the cage is the safest place for them. (Kittens)
Our septic tank is having issues. We have an anarobic system and it hasn’t started sprinkling, so called the people, a few times, first they said not enough water going through– Then came out to look, we got a hole in one tank. So they are going to patch it, and hopefully get it replaced. Not the end of the world but a bit of peeyew.
Tomorrow we are celebrating the July Kids birthdays, before we go off to Uganda–
Got some cabinets built for one bath
Ordered some for another
Bought some flat screens
Still need to finish the bar
Went to Lubbock for a shopping day
Had a couple of Uganda meetings
Cried some for lost pets
Saw 2 rattle snakes while 4 wheeling
Found out my illness may be weird migraines being triggered by EVERYTHING.
Cleaned out 5th wheel– trying to sell it.
Saw more rain here than San Antonio did.
Been blessed beyond my imagination or deserving!!!


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