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>Easier to build a house than post a slide show!!

>Finally it worked!! I hope you enjoy the slide show– It was not exactly what I had hoped for, something in my homemade one turned up as a copyright issue?? for Photobucket- go figure!

Our rock men are still here, they should finish this weekend.
After placing my rock with the cross for me, they must have been inspired to do more for us. Last night they showed us two rocks they had carved, with crosses on them. We were so touched that they wanted to do something special like that for our home! We are having one placed near the side master door, and the other next to the upstairs office/other room. Again another show of God’s hand in this home, we have had so many that have worked for us ,for Him. The kindness shows in these small gestures, all seem to take a part, a pride, a claim to this dwelling. Cipriano and Miguel, our cement guys, came by yesterday- They were both so very happy for us to have come this far, and so very complimentary of our home, you could see the pride in their eyes for having been a part of all of it.
I am so very excited to see what God has in store for us in the future, how he will use us and this home. I pray, and ask you to pray that we are able to honor him with this home, always.
We are not finished yet, more to come.
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Time Flies, and it is all fun, even when it is hard work…

Been about 2 months since I have posted. SOOOOO much has happened!

I hope to have a video/slide show added to this thing through photobucket– I am attempting to make it a beginning to present show– So it may contain too much mega-whatevers, we will see…

Until the export to the desktop and then the upload to the bucket, I will fill you in on what I can remember happened with Pettyville in the past view weeks.
SOOOOO MUCH! Not in order, but here we go:
Cheyanne had a birthday!! She turned 3. I now have two 3 year old granddaughters, just for a few more weeks.
Evan came home for a week, eye checkup, SSI applications, helped out around the house–He had a long weekend and we thought we would take advantage.
Evan became a full B, meaning he rides the bus where ever he pleases in San Antonio– Freaks me a bit. He rode to Lee and Megs house in Converse, it took 3 bus changes and 3 hours, but he made it and LOVED it!
I glazed lots of walls.
Lee and Keith put in granite tops. (Not the bars yet)
I have mopped the floors about 4 x and ran the floor/washer scrubber on it. (I was an indian giver and borrowed the one I gave Ashton to do the job, it worked great so I kept it and bought them a new one)
I wall tiled 1 shower. TRIED to thin set the floor.
We hired someone to tile shower 2 and redo my thin set floor. He did a GREAT job.
My dear Ranger of 16 years died.
We went to San Antonio and helped Lee and Meg move back here.
K &L & B put in doors
Got home equity loan.
Got extention on Sanders estate taxes
Put in bathtub,
I stained doors and frames
I stained a billion of feet of trim
Keith cut trim
Evan and Keith installed some trim
Mothers day- Remembered I did not have one anymore and kids don’t need one.
Moved all stuff from storage
Got dining table back finally from refinish shop- it is gorgeous. Needs new seats though AND the leaves. (they gave wrong leaves back,searching for correct ones, grrrrrr)
Furnished house with Lee and Megs stuff
Got new internet provider
Cleaned out trailer
Hired rock people
Rock people putting up lots of rock
Rock people using trailer
Missing a cat, or 2 since arrival of rock guys
Acquired a new cat from an old friend
New cat took to a walk about, really hope he is around somewhere.
Keith fell off ramp moving kids, survived.
Cooked some great meals in MY kitchen
Bought my first headboard and footboard for MY bed. New used, really pretty and really NICE
Took a shower in own shower
Took whirlpool bath, multi x’s.
Put together shelves, barely
Shopped at ikea
built ikea sink
built ikea desk
built ikea storage table
bought some gorgeous rugs from great friend
bought cowhide rug for amazing 65$ , thanks Mary Lou for finding it!
became REALLY upset with Keith more than once.
Love him anyway.
Had Brian Ash and girls over for dinner
Mary Lou too
Had dinner for 13, last minute throw together(my favorite kind) Friends and family.
Had MD tell me I am fat– DUH!!
Had Tanah wake me up in the mornings
Cheyanne spent the night with Tanah and we all had Gluten free donuts and PaPaw milk.
Church, and fellowship
Uganda prep meetings.
Hunted for wayward dog Gauge about 10x
Enjoyed every minute with family here.
washed my clothes in my washer in my utility room in my house
decorated MY house– Some
wished I could show Mom and Dad
put door knobs on a billion doors.
crashed my mac AGAIN– NOT suppose to happen.
New operating system
Evans itouch died- NOT suppose to happen–
Apple says issue is it was a NEW product and things like that do happen….
Hopefully did this slide show right!!
Lets see.