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>The building continues

>The house and the blog progress suffered during my illness.

Prior to, we did pour the porches, order windows, and get our cement grinder in and begin grinding.
THE FLOOR: The grinder/polisher was a pretty big purchase , but it will be worth it in the long run– To hire it out would be about $18,000. Our machine was $7000 and we intend to sell it (we thought to hire me out, but after only 1/2 of one out of 8 grinds in, I will NOT do this professionally)

The first grind is to ‘roughen and smooth’ both. Heavy metal grinding wheels grind off the top layer of concete to expose aggregate. It worked well on the area of the house that
was poured first during our ‘rainy’ pour. That was about 1/4 of the house. The rest of the slab, our guys were able to ‘burn’ the surface, a good thing with the iffy pour we had, a bad thing when grinding. So I have to use water grind to get that ‘burn’ off’ . Making the grinding a bit slower. After I get through this, the rest should go 2x as fast.
THE PORCHES: They look great!! Our cement guys came and poured the porches and the drive in a couple of days. Actually showed up a day early, because they had finished up another job, we were not ready. But they helped me clean up around house while we waited for dirt– They are great!

WINDOWS: We ordered them about 4 weeks ago- pretty good price. They came in last week. We wanted to wait and put them in after roof– But….(explain later). So they put them in Monday.– They look great!! we have windows, no doors and no roof- 1/3 dried in?

ROOF: Steel trusses with Young NOT happening. They low balled us on the estimate, turns out this is their ‘way’. Our $18000 trusses turned into $28000. We got the cal
l just after leaving the Neurologist in Round Rock. — We have been searching since. Getting bids, probably should have done this before. It looks like a Littlefield wood truss company will be our roof.-40 something trusses around $8000 delivered. A crew that used to do Betenbough Homes (old childhood next door neighbor) may put them up. Still praying for the ‘right’ people for this. Hope it is not us.– IF this is our set up, then we should have a roof by early Dec.
DOORS: Do you know how much money doors cost? Right now 1 exterior doors will cost more than our air conditioner/heat pump.– Keith is thinking of building them himself– does anyone have a table saw/planer/joiner? cheep?


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