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America Flushes

We all have that friend that asks us to take of our shoes when we come into their home. Or it may be you that asks that of your guests.  If going to a Catholic funeral or wedding, the Protestant will kneel and leave out lines of the Lord’s prayer to respect their fellow catholic. When traveling to Uganda the women refrained from pants wearing, as prostiitues do there, so not to offend those we were ministering with. My brother learned the cultural differences of the Chinese on his business trips so as to show respect. Why does America not expect the same consideration from those coming to America, those who claim they want to be American citizens?

America is a melting pot of every nation in this world. For more than 200 years we have been blending cultural ways, food, celebrations, religion, dress, architecture, traditions. America has evolved into all that is because of all of these different cultures coming together. Horse and buggies, cars, trains, planes. Indoor plumbing, electricity, telephone, internet. Telegraphs to communicating through a watch on your arm. We are always moving forward.

Until now.

If you have been been in public bathrooms, male or female,  in West and South Texas, border towns, border states,  New Mexico, anywhere there is a prolific amount of Mexicans you will find trash cans beside the toilets, or in the stalls. These are filled with feces covered toilet paper, and they reek.

This is a product of political correctness and the open border. Crap.

Did you know Mexicans from Mexico do not flush their paper? Septic, waste disposal, is sub par in Mexico, because it is truly a third world country.  The septics are basically holes in the ground and they don’t want to fill em up with paper,  so they wipe and put the waste paper anywhere but the toilet.  When they come to America they continue their substandard hygeine practices.  They wipe and will not flush the paper. If they have no trash can, they will throw it on the floor.  Brilliant. Who in their right mind would think the alternative, to not having a trash can, would be throw it on the floor, when you could just FLUSH IT, with the rest of the crap?

Businesses with public bathrooms have started providing these trash cans so their employees do not have to clean up the mess at the end of the day. Which is understandable, I suppose. I know when I was a kid working at a pizza joint, I would have had a HUGE problem cleaning up peoples crap paper.

Recently I have been traveling. On trip to Colorado and another to Corpus Christi. Colorado does not have many Mexico Mexicans, so no trash cans next to toilets. Some of the small West Texas and southern New Mexico businesses did, especially those whose patrons are majority Mexican. Most every convenient store on the way to Corpus had the trash cans reeking and holding skid marked paper. GROSS!

These businesses should post (in spanish) that all papers except feminine … should be flushed.  EL FLUSHO CACA PAPER.   Remove the trash cans.  This is truly unsanitary. It is a health hazard. The health department should stop this. Fine the business. They shut em down for having cockroaches and rodents, for the feces they leave. At least make the immigrants flush theirs.

My husband is a manager of a large plant and had to deal with this same issue from workers not born and raised in America. The HR representative was concerned it would offend ‘them’ if a trash can was not provided, because it was their culture to do that.  After much discussion they decided it was actually a health issue for those having to handle the trash. It was hazardous waste.  The employees were told to flush their paper, end of issue.

Culture is what we believe, how we live, what and how we celebrate. It is also, by definition shared attitudes values goals and practices. What one does with their used toilet paper is not cultural. Even if it was, this is America, and we FLUSH.



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