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Moderately Aged

I have struggled with weight, overage of, for years. Blamed it on many things, pregnancy, undiagnosed thyroid, pituitary tumor, hormone treatment, never on me eating way more of the wrong things and not exercising enough. I still think my metabolism is that of a sloth, but I finally got it in my head that with diligence, exercise, controlling my eating and putting my extra poundage in Gods hands (YES God can even help me lose weight). This realization came when I saw a number on a scale in a MD office that I just could not tolerate. Won’t tell what it was, yet.

I researched some ‘diets’ or better said, nutrition changes I needed. About a year ago I adopted a low carb, no sugar way first. This was a good move. I also started walking about 1.5-2 miles a day– I toned and lost some- Looked good on my Zambia/France trip, not near the weight I wanted to be, but better. Then winter weather, holidays and sickness hit, and I gained some back :(.

Around March I bought a scale, my 49th was coming soon. A young lady ,Micah, with our church, nutritionist and exerciseist started a workout program at the church, as a her love offering. I started going in late April. Paying attention to carbs is not helping much though. A fellow blogger flamidwyfe. was posting her journey with Dukan Diet- She impressed me, I bought the book.  Pulled all carbs and all sugars out of diet May 7.  I have lost 18 lbs since that day. 24 since the no tolerance day, over a year ago. Gained about 10 in between.  I have about 25 to 30 to go.

The last few lbs with the excellent MWF work out with Micah and walking all the other days is getting me some compliments.  Yes proud, but …. I know me, I was trying very hard to not like it too much and reward myself with slacking.  I have a lot to go!!! I know I know I know, it is how you look and feel NOT the number. I know what I look like under the clothes, they don’t.

Well, yesterday I was at work out- 8:30, this seemed to be a butt day. Micah rotates the focus so just as you get able to move she attacks another part of the body. Butt and leg really work better for me, I hate arms, so this was a good day.  30 minutes into work out, we are doing steps on curbs, either running or stepping. I step, low impact works best with my knees. I am feeling good, 2 of the girls noticed my weight loss and mentioned it. Step , step , step step, step-POP- something in my calf is SCREAMING at me. The first thing that flashed through my head was the ‘internal sound’ was like a rubber band pop. I knew it was not a cramp, but I thought maybe I could walk it– Nope. Anyway, ended up having to stop for the day and hobbled off to my car.

Timing was good actually, Evan had an appointment, so I was needing to meet him anyway.  As I drove I found the hurt was pretty intense, holding the brake caused my whole leg to shake, not good.  I called my ortho. Got an appointment for today.

Here is result of that visit 

The diagnosis is a small tear of the gastrocnemius(calf muscle) not complete and not the Achilles. It will heal up good in about 6 weeks. The doc says it is a common injury, I think he was being polite to not mention whom it is common with.  This is taken from article at : Calf (Gastrocnemius) muscle tears typically occur in moderately active individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s while performing actions that put maximal tension on the gastrocnemius muscle. “Weekend warriors”, who have often lost flexibility in their muscles are at greater risk for partial or complete muscle rupture.  as well as this Calf (Gastrocnemius) muscle tears commonly occur in middle-aged recreational athletes while performing actions that require sudden changes in direction.    So conclusion, this wanna be old lady did something a lot of middle-aged moderately active individuals do.   REALLY? I thought I was doing more than moderate.

So, now? I think I go to Pilates, I HAVE to do something. Moderate Pilates.



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