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The hut/cabins are rustic but clean, as Julie describes them. The people who own the place have a nice home and a nursery and a vegetable garden, larger farm area surround us, outside the 220v electric fence. AC, like in your home.  YES 220 V they are serious around here! Actually it is not hooked up, they use it mostly to hang the laundry on.

It is beautiful, quiet, secluded grounds, trees everywhere, lime trees, mango tree, fig trees, pomegranate trees. Peaceful, truly. The grounds and solitude make up for the concrete floor shower. The shower actually is fine, I just get creeped out with certain things of showers.

When we stepped in our cabin, the first thing we saw was a squirrel, like an American squirrel, running around the beams in the thatch roof.  The South Africans with us were actually surprised, they did not know they had squirrels, especially American squirrels.  Tony our South African friend with us decided we must have brought him with us on a previous trip.

The owners had a couple of dogs and a couple of cats. The workers of the place kept the pets away from the clients with little switches they would pick up and wave at them. The dogs would notice a new person, and lift their ears, and wag a tail and the switches would be picked up.   Eventually I was able to make friends with the animals and relay to the workers that yes I liked the dogs.  At least I  thought though so, till the last day as I was walking the grounds and taking pictures, I stopped to take a picture of an orange tree, just in front of the owners home. The female dog saw me and came for a belly rub, I accommodated. I then turned to snap the picture and the dog jumped up on me to ‘hug’ me, leaving great dirty paw smears on the front and back of my almost white shirt.

Our meals were served by Jessie, a very attractive woman, petite, dark ringletts,  gorgeous  smile. She has grown children and grandchildren, so her age is at least in the 30’s she looked about 25.  Jessie was the cook, the maid, receptionist, our go to girl.  She lived about 3 miles from the B & B and walked to and from each day and night. Having breakfast for us by 7:30 and Dinner ready when we came back in at 7:00. Jessie usually cleared the table around 8pm then would wash the dishes and walk home around 9.  A couple of nights Tony was available to drive her home, a great treat for her I am sure!

The meals were all cooked by Jessie. For breakfast we would have eggs and sausage, homemade links with a flavor you get used to, sweet potatoes, they look like our white potatoes but are sweeter than our orange sweets. The lunches and dinners ran together a bit, always a meat; chicken, something not chicken with al lot of bones, beef cubes in a sauce, pork chops, at least three vegetables; greens(rape), sweet potatoes, mashed potaoes,carrots, green beans, cabbage, beets onions and cucumbers. One night we received ‘shine’, something the Zambians MUST have at each meal,which is basically grits cooked with less water  and no seasoning.

One evening we, Julie, Keith and I , hosted Tony and his family,Charlene and Shevel to a Texas BBQ in Zambia.

 Keith purchased some steaks, at the local market where they literally sliced it off of the beef, and some sweet potatoes, to fry (theirs are not orange like ours), some fresh tomatoes and peppers and onions for Charlene to make salsa with. We had a feast!

Our little home was actually a great stay, we basically had it to ourselves, the out doors was most peaceful, the cabins were clean, the water always ran, the beds were comfortable.  It was not the Waldorff, but I wouldn’t feel as welcome in the Waldorff as I did here.



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