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>More of my Wellness.

>Last posting of my illness, I was on the mend.  The diagnosis a bit of a mix of things. That was on a Saturday, the following Monday was even more.

I woke up and readied for my shower and looked down at many many bruises and tiny red spots all over my body.  Frustrated does not even describe what I felt. 
 I called the MD office, I could not do a walk in in the AM because they had a staff meeting, so come at 2pm and they would fit me in.  They did, at 4:30-  Dr. Sponsel was not pleased with what was happening, with my body. The possibilities ranged from virus infecting blood to leukemia and even possibly other cancerous things…. He ordered blood work and a full body scan, to have results before Thanksgiving.  
Dr Sponsel is a Christian, who professes his faith with absolutely no qualms, very refreshing and mentoring to me.  He said he knew we were to have faith in these matters, yet he also believed God wanted us to have comfort and peace, and that having answers to things would bring this, even if it was ‘bad news’.  
Well some answers did come on Wednesday, before TG.  I had no blood platelets and spleen enlarged (must go ‘with’ platelet issue because scan did not come in for another week)
AND I had MRV/Epstein Barr virus-Which is MONO, a herpes virus.   The latter concerned me so much for the grandchildren, I had the nurse immediately call the MD back, before any more explanation of my diagnosis, so as to know if I had endangered them.  The call back was relieving, the infection needs to be of the slobbery kiss transfer, or more (thus the ‘kissing disease’) And if they were going to get it they would have already had it from me AND I was no longer infectious.  WHEW.
The next news was on my platelets, and bleeding from missing them.  I was not to bump into things, brush my teeth too hard, nor play with the grandkids in a way that would result in bumbs or  bruises, or I would start bleeding and they would take my spleen out. MMmh. “Could I fix this by drugs or eating broccoli or something ?” 
Ok, how long do I walk around like a china doll?”
“At least 4 weeks, it takes platelets some time to replenish from nothingness, IF they do.”
Probably will, since probably removed by virus(and found later RX given also)but some do not replenish properly if caused by other things. You will need to come into office every week to get platelets counted to make sure they are going up, for a few weeks,starting Monday.”
So there I was, monophied, bruised, but NOT diabetic,nor leukemic. Blessed.
Monday, I went in to give blood.  I commented that I assumed the body scan was ‘good’. They checked and found it had not come in at all as they had planned, so it had been overlooked. Whoops.  They then seemed to be a bit concerned again, maybe for chicken counting before all eggs in. They were going to call as soon as records found and reported to MD.  Tuesday, they called… MIRACLE to be documented. My platelets were completely normal, no issues at all, I would not need to come in again for any more rechecks. 4 weeks had turned to 4 days.    The scan had also been found and studied, completely clear (except morning BM still present to photographed, but we all know that I am ‘FULL of IT).
Since this I have also found that my Mono,was a ‘relapse’, like all herpes virus can do.  I had mono previously in life and the stress of all of the illness/dehydration and ? triggered it to raise it’s ugly head.  Dr. Sponsel and we are not thinking Mono was the primary cause, he still thinks it was toxins in the body that sent me over the edge– The tannins and fermented of the Wurstfest, cement poisoning when cement ate through my skin and into blood stream, pituitary tumor messing with adrenals all the time, celiac(autoimmune disease) =dehydration and total body collapse– And God can heal anything anytime, even before we know what we need healing from.. 
I was very sick, I was very aware of this and so very distressed at the thought of not being around for my family, my grandchildren births, graduations, marriages. So aware of missing my blessings, should I be called home now.  I was on my knees. I asked God for my healing and he gave it to me.  No diagnosis needed, only my God’s healing hand.   
It always takes something like this to bring things into a new,better light. To show what we take advantage of. The ‘things’ being our blessings.  I am blessed, I am always blessed, and rarely do I actually look at and treasure up my blessings as I should.  There are still many many things I wish I ‘do’. I know I should, because God has given me these things, yet I ‘do’ not enough with them.  
*My Grandchildren– more time, more goings on, -go ahead and splurge.. 
*My Boys- more time, more ‘talks’, tell them more about me– who else will?
*My Talents- use them, try them, – failure is not using them
*My Family- God gave them all to me, bio and adopted and legal they are all ‘real’ to me  and , I need to grasp those gifts.
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*My Husband- a perfect fit, my protector and friend. I need to know that and rejoice.
*My Friends- more than I know,more than I deserve.


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