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The Masterpiece

Yes He is THE Masterpiece. Don’t wait for better, there is no better. Don’t wait. There may be no tomorrow.


The Masterpiece

By Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

There is a story about a wealthy man and his only son who travelled the world together collecting priceless paintings by Van Gogh, Monet and many other masters. Tragically, the son died at war while rescuing others. Distraught and lonely, the old man dreaded the upcoming Christmas day.

Christmas morning, a young soldier knocked on his door and said, “I’m a friend of your son. I’m one of the ones he rescued.” Then the soldier presented a picture he had painted of the son. Though the picture lacked genius, the brokenhearted father saw the features of his precious son and immediately valued this painting above all the masterpieces in his home. Every day, the father gazed at the portrait and told his housekeeper of his great love for it.

When the father died, the art world buzzed with excitement over the sale of his…

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Gluten Free IS Our Way

Been doing and going and being very busy. Always gluten-free. As long as it is my choice.

Recently several of my gluten-free clan have had an infiltration of wheat gluten. The youngest grandchild was given goldfish crackers, accidentally. The child care staff had some newbies. The typical apology, with follow-up of observation of he did not get sick right away, maybe it will be ok, this time, comment was given to his mom.  Then, just a week later, he stole some goldfish from another child at snack time. He found out those gold-fish taste way better than the raisins all the gf  kids get while the others get their exceptionally good snacks.  Another grandchild has had a flare up with his psoriasis, he recently started kindergarten, and the family went on a mini vacation and of course ate out for 3 days, so there is no telling where he ingested wheat. Keith and I both had wheat somewhere sometime, either fries coated with something, or the chili verde at the new Mexican restaurant, that looked a bit thick. Or something at Johnny Carino’s really wasn’t gluten-free.  The 3 weeks of indigestion and frequent  bathroom trips are just starting to slow down. I went into Evans apartment  a month ago and found him eating Pringles potato chips, and showed him the content list with wheat gluten on the back of the canister. He  had not thought to look on chips, and I had not told him Pringles are forever off-limits. He has been a grump and  ‘slow’, for weeks and now I know why.

Thank God, we don’t drop dead when we ingest wheat, like those who are allergic to peanuts could when they breathe peanut butter fumes. We would all be dead and buried a long time ago. When wheat does pass our lips per accident of the server, and we catch them, we always get the typical apology and then” well you didn’t die so it mustn’t be that bad” kind of response. They just don’t get that it sets off a chain reaction that begins in a few days and lasts for weeks, if not months, and it  is not just a stomach ache.  Yes, many of us will have stomach (bowel) issues, sometimes before we can even leave the restaurant, but there is soooo much more. Our immune systems begins to attack the body, to rid itself of this poison that has entered it. Migraines, joint pain, fibromyaliga flares, psoriasis (grandsons went from an itch to a bleeding sore in just a week) Addictive cravings for wheat, just as a recovered alcoholic would have if you slipped him some alcohol. ADD/ADHD. Sleeplessness. Night terrors. Muscle cramps. diarrhea, constipation, acne flare up, asthma, indigestion, skin rashes, more susceptible to infections. The ingestion of wheat causes a reaction that leads to another that leads to another.

t distressing to say, but, I don’t think I have been totally wheat free for more than 6 months, due to some ‘mess up’, either of my own, or some bonehead in a restaurant. This is frustrating, to say the least. The mistakes I make have been from not reading a label thoroughly, or from having a tried and true gluten free item change it’s ingredients.  Why does Blue Bell Chocolate ice cream have wheat in it? Why must McDonald’s put wheat on their french fries?

The gluten full  public don’t seem to take the gluten less population seriously. Or they just don’t care.  Somehow we gluten free are deemed as health nuts, hippies, freaks. I know when we ask for no bun on our burgers they always seem surprised that  we do want fries and cheese and not just vegetables. Jason’s always brings ‘baked’ healthy chips with the GF sandwiches. Most of us are not watching our carbs, we are not eating healthy, we want all the sweets and fattening stuff out there, just without wheat/gluten.  I don’t know what one with a peanut allergy has to ask for or watch out for when eating out, but I would bet if they do ask the server about peanuts in food, the server will bend over backward to make sure no peanut gets in the customer.Why doesn’t a peanut allergy person get called ‘one of those’ ? The gluten full public seems to have the attitude that we gluten less are making up our illness. We don’t look sick. Like the diabetic doesn’t look sick, until their glucose gets too high.  If one in a wheelchair goes to a restaurant they are given a table that can accommodate the chair, less traffic from those passing by.  When we go to a restaurant and ask for gluten free menus for both, we are brought bread and croutons on our salad. Is it being inconsiderate or ignorant?

There are probably about 10 families in our church that know they are GF.  Recently our church started serving all gluten free communion. PRAISE! For years, we have just passed up the little stale crackers. (No big loss) and concentrated harder on ‘the Body’  while others chewed. 😉 The reason for the change is another GF joined our ranks in the church, the new Pastors wife. Having an ‘in’ has it’s benefits! At first there was a question and trial on how to serve to those few that were GF; Have them raise their hands and be served from special plate? Have them go to back where GF communion was set up?  They asked me to brain storm with them for ideas. It was a short storm. Just serve EVERYONE gluten free! The crackers are blech anyway, gluten free won’t hurt anyone, and gluten full would! We had a couple of hand raising communions, then they started the everyone eat GF. I am sure some are @#%&* about the cracker change, but if they are, they got more to deal with that GF crackers anyway. 😉

I, we, have been passive about our being gluten free. Cringing when we hear of those who are gluten free and cause scenes by having all the condiment bottles cleaned for traces of wheat contamination. I think we have felt some shame on having to ask about coating on fries, or wheat thickener in soup. I know I search the menu for something that just can not have wheat in it to avoid the conversation at all. We don’t want to inconvenience. I am realizing though the concern is not reciprocated. Most people are not concerned for us or ours. They themselves do not want to be inconvenienced.  In truth it is their  job, whether a waitress, cook, child care giver, teacher is serve, the patron whether it be gluten free or not.  Celiac disease/gluten intolerance/wheat allergy is an illness, an autoimmune disease, it should be accommodated, by us and by those who are in contact with us, not opposed. We should expect it, we pay for it.  And if we don’t expect respect for our gluten free request, we will pay in another way.




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Why Do You Believe That?

The Nina Pinta and Santa Maria, with Christopher Columbus,  never landed on the coasts of the USA, or any North American coast.  I was taught a lie in school, for years. I think they still teach the same lie.(Along with others).  Technically,he did not ‘discover any land, any New World, because the lands he ran into on his way to India/Asia were already inhabited, with Native ‘Americans’. Peoples who had already populated the area’s. Chris did get close, by accident, but no cigar. Or maybe he did get a Havana because he did land in Cuba. I will give him some credit, he did find some ‘new people’ to tell others about. He did somewhat prove that the earth was round and not flat as many ignorant people believed,at that time. He was a great explorer. Though, some say he was not so great to the ‘natives’ he found. He tortured them and enslaved them, which to me is also ironic that the USA would celebrate ole Chris with a national holiday.

I realize more EVERY DAY, the lies we were/are told by the powers that be through media and educators(government influenced).

What was all the government  shut down about? Was it  the Republicans in the senate don’t like President Obama and his Obamacare?.  Is it because the USA does not have enough money to pay it’s bills? Or is it that Obamacare does not work on the internet? Does the website not work because we ran out of money and cant pay our internet bill?  The Debt ceiling had something to do with it, because it got raised.  Kind of backwards thinking actually. Debt means you are in the hole, so the way I see it is ,we actually just dug the hole a bit deeper. Some of the truth of the shutdown is in this article

One main point I think should be taken from this is “Perhaps the biggest of the big lies is that the government will not be able to pay what it owes on the national debt, creating a danger of default. Tax money keeps coming into the Treasury during the shutdown, and it vastly exceeds the interest that has to be paid on the national debt.”  The USA is not out of money. We The People are giving money daily to the government, via taxes taken from our pay checks and the numerous taxes  we pay daily on fees and gasoline and purchases. The money for paying employees, and maintenance and upkeep of parks and government buildings is already budgeted and set aside. Just as our SSI and Medicare is. (supposed to be).  The money was/is there. Even IF the monies were frozen (they were not) pay does not come at the end of each day.  The reason people were furloughed and parks were closed and gliches occured with food stamps is because the evil President and his liberal crohnies were blackmailing those that are trying to save this country , by deceiving We The People into believing the sky will fall ,if we don’t have our government to hold it up. The President wants MORE MONEY to run HIS empire. The senate has asked the president for a budget, and to keep to the budget. The president has refused.

Why do we believe the earth is flat? Why to we believe it is round? Why do we believe a man should be honored for getting lost ?Why do we believe only Africans were enslaved peoples? Why do we believe dinasaurs died off before man walked the earth? Why do we believe blood letting with leaches will cure? Why do we believe wheat is a good food source? Why do we believe public education is best? Why do we believe someones soul leaves their body when they sneeze?  Why do we believe immunizations cure and not infect? Why do we believe only an MD can deliver a baby? Why do we believe we should be free of the tyranny of the Old World monarchy?  Why do we believe chemical additives  are needed in our foods? Why do we believe the side effect is better than the illness? Why do we believe independence means dependence on a government? Why do we believe prejudice is to not agree with someone of a different origin? Why do we believe it is respectful to recognize others idol gods?Why do we believe the world is getting warmer? Why do we believe there was an Ice Age? Why do we believe we can control the climate? Why do we believe in one true God? Why do we believe guns kill people? Why do we believe our government will and can protect We The People from all harm? Why do we believe someone must be crazy to stand and speak of God and His displeasure with this nation? Why do we believe it is right to give support to peoples who will not work? Why do we believe that stopping a beating heart is not murder, as long as it is inside of it’s mother? Why do we believe conservatives to be oppressive and liberals liberating? Why do we believe Obama is a black man? Why do we believe anyone who does not bow down to the liberal dictatorship of our government is of the rebel Tea Party?  Why do we believe a husband is a male and a wife is a female? Why do we believe it is wrong to think that? Why do we believe the President is removing all of the citizens liberties and moving us to communism? Why do we believe there could be a classless society and freedom?

We believe what ever ‘they’ tell us. Truth and lies.  Some of us get lucky and we hear the truth we know it, and believe it. Sometimes we get experienced and we learn the truth. WE ‘got’ Celiac, so we KNOW the truth about wheat.  Some of us get caught up in the rhetoric. Some of us know the truth but are too afraid to stand up and point out the lie. Some of us would rather be dumb and never search out the truth, never take responsibility. Some of us don’t want to admit we are wrong, our pride keeps us down. Some are willing to loose their freedom, but not their lives because they have no hope for change. Even though they voted for it. Some are willing to loose their lives for freedom because they know the only hope is the Truth.

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Change in the Wind

I know, I know, I know. I changed the look of the blog TWICE in 24 hours.  But most of you don’t follow me that close, especially if I don’t post, which I haven’t.  I will though, get back in the swing of posting. Another change.

The season is changing, so my routine may too. Or my lack of routine, may change to another lack of. We are not 100 plus anymore, just a a bit  below. Clouds have been teasing us for a couple of weeks, a change. No rain though, so no change there.

Still gluten free, always will be, no change, ever, there. Always cooking a different dish every night , never the same thing 2x a week, unless it is left overs.

I went back to teaching my favorite Sunday school, Firm Foundations, a change from a change.  So Sunday’s I HAVE to go to the first hour again. Got a purpose again.

I have 3 grandkids in school now and 2 in preschool. I don’t get to have a few here during the week, just to have em. I HATE this change. :(. But it is so fun to hear them all talk about their lessons, their new friends and to see them grow more everyday.

We are planning on adding some out door landscaping soon, a change. We will be working and scheduling people to work. We will have an amazing outdoor world soon

A stray showed up a while back, not really anything new. I started my usual fostering and searching for it a home, nothing new in that either. It attacked my mini horse and one of my dogs and taught my dogs some BAD behavior. I caught it, caged it, and took it to the nearest animal shelter. BIG change of heart for me!! I used to only take animals FROM ‘kill’ shelters.

One of my closest friends moved to Dallas. HUGE change. Her son gets to play football,. She will see her husband every night because he will be working in the same town they live in. Her girls will have a homeschool coop and be making many many new friends. I miss her, but what a positive change for her!  We will change to be 99% text and 1 percent calling. Instead of 80% text, 15% face to face and 5% phone calls. She hates to talk on the phone. I hate to text.  We will change.

Someone was trying to convince me to get back into activitiesin the church the other day, assuming the changes with the new building and the new church were the reason I had stepped away a bit. I responded with- “Change is NOT the problem the changes we had in our church were NEEDED!  I like change, I change always. If things are not changing then nothing is moving or growing.”  I believe this to be true.

Change is necessary. If no change is happening, then things become stagnant. Stagnant stinks. You get stuck. No change is like quicksand.

So many people refuse to change their thinking and realize eating bread at every meal is NOT necessary, gluten full or gluten free.I hear celiac diagnosed folk say  ” I am just used to having my toast in the morning, it is hard to change.” Really? Toast? Doctors refuse to change and still insist positives must be seen on gluten intolerance tests (that don’t work) before a diagnosis is made for Celiac. Doctors wont change their thinking and see a gall bladder attack or lymphoma’s or skin reactions as symptoms of something else, like an autoimmune disease, like Celiac.  Change is hard for some, I think because they are afraid. Afraid of stepping outside of the box. Afraid of trying something new. Afraid someone might judge them. Afraid to trust themselves. Afraid they may be wrong. Afraid they may be right.

I say change, or be very very afraid.

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Same Ol Story New Cover

I have been working on changing publishers for my cookbook Throw the Wheat in the Sea, for a few months.  I went through the many many steps to revise with my previous printer/publisher in order to get it into ‘brick and mortar ‘ distribution (Barnes and Nobles) . Made the few corrections I had and  found that the printer had changed the options on book covers, so had to change my book cover, then I ‘ordered’ my proof, so I could then turn around and approve the printing.  I did all of this because Lulu had said I must revise, to  ‘order’ the brick and mortar option. In the end, of it all I found Lulu had changed it’s programming and I would actually have to start over completely, which I almost had in revising. Only difference was I was not assigned a new ISBN.  I then decided to go back to my original thought and change publishers, bite the bullet and download and use Firefox browser, I did, and it has been soooooooo simple!

This is lots and lots of techno stuff to say I have RE published my cookbook!! It is now being published through Createspace– You can order it here    CreateSpace eStore:  and by clicking on the picture of the cook book on the right side of the front page of this blog.  Soon it will be available through Amazon AND you can order it through Barnes and Nobles also.  It would be oh so grand if you ask Barnes and Nobles to have a couple on their shelves!! AND your library can have one placed on their shelves too, if someone asks.

I did change up the cover some, not a lot though, because of the cover options through Create Space. The price of the book is $18, seems expensive but for over 200 recipes I think it is a good deal.

Go buy lots and lots today– Tell your friends, your gastrointerologist, your GF groups, everyone that Throw the Wheat in the Sea is available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Creates pace and could be on the shelves if your just ask!!

As Elvis would say, Thank you very much.

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Feds Buying Up All Surplus Ammo, Ordering Stores To Cease Sales?

I think ‘we’ are looking at this wrong.  If they buy all the ammunition we can’t have any.  So, even if they can not pass gun control, they can keep the guns from ‘working’ by buying all the ammunitions from the public.

I think we need to be very very afraid.

Feds Buying Up All Surplus Ammo, Ordering Stores To Cease Sales?.