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Free From Fear is Liberty for All

Today I received an email from my son. My son received his inspiration, to share with, hopefully, the nation, from God.

This is born from the response of our government to the coronavirus. This response, reaction was/is meant to ease fears. It is not. It is creating more. Out of the generated fear, we the people are losing our God given freedom. The infection is not the virus, it is fear.

God given words for us all:

Freedom and self-governance have been a beacon for the United States for over two centuries. The idea that people can govern themselves based on inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, form and shaped this nation and emboldened the world to do the same. The principles of a free governing society are based on biblical context that these rights, rights of freedom, are endowed by our Creator, the one true God.

Adversity is not new to this freedom seeking nation. From the onset, in the forming of the constitution, many men debated the limits of our government and the morality of a people to manage that government. Freedom prevailed. From the banks of the Delaware, Washington led a brigade of hungry and cold rebels in an ambush attack against the tyrants on Christmas day. Freedom prevailed. From the battlefield of Gettysburg, drenched in the blood of 50,000 men, fighting and dying for those that could not. Freedom prevailed. From the shores of France to the ashes of Iwo Jima. From the Jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of Iraq. Freedom prevailed.

Let us, as a people concerned with the freedoms entrusted to us by a benevolent God, not forget the freedoms that have been secured so sacrificially by generations before. Let us not so easily comply with fear to reduce this freedom to a hope of survival. Let us be mindful that the fear of the founders was a government that could control lives. I debate who is our greater enemy, the unseen jackal that causes sickness for a time, or the enemy that fights within us to so easily give up freedoms in exchange for a false sense of security. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston!” The difference in our time, in place of a tyrannical government forcing us into those chains, it would be our own apathy that gladly accepts them.

Lee Petty, RLA

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Hysteria is a Killer

Within a few weeks life as we know it has completely changed here in the US. Most of the world has changed. All for the Chinese virus, coronavirus, COVID-19. Or, is this change actually from the panic and fear that the media and some of the leaders and powers that be, have infected us with? 

The virus, I can only assume, by what I am being told by the media and those repeating what they have heard, is highly contagious and can cause some major medical, and possibly death for some. I don’t know anyone who has been diagnosed with this virus. Though,I may have had this virus a couple of months ago, as did a few others I know. I had a cough. I was wheezie, to the point that I borrowed my sons inhaler. Never again! I had fever a couple of times. This lasted about 5 days in different degrees.  Always feeling well in the AM and then declining in the PM, I thought it was allergies, until I didn’t. 

I do know that media has presented this virus as the bubonic plague. Media has spread fear and panic by leading stories with how many have died from cornovirus, without presenting how many are living having had the virus. No one is presenting the real numbers of population vs infected. No one is telling that the stats are askew, because so many may have had this virus, like myself, months ago and it came and went like any cold does.  It is not being told that the majority of those dying are older and would have died if they had had a cold, the flu, the Chinese flu, or a stomach bug. There are also those of us with auto immune diseases , RA, Celiac, Lupus, Diabetes, Thyroid disease… or compromised immunities from Cancer treatment and such, we are susceptible to catching this thing and having a hard time with it. No one is reporting that the strong and healthy are either not getting sick or are mildly ill with this. No one is speaking of the countries (South Africa, Uganda, ) who regularly take malaria medications, are not being infected by this virus.  

Fear and panic is what is shutting down retail businesses and hotels. Fear and panic has closed schools, canceled plays, and sporting events, and tests, and graduations. Fear and panic has emptied the shelves of toilet paper. Fear and panic has closed theaters. Fear and panic has closed the doors of churches. Fear and panic has my husband and all his coworkers sitting at home having online meetings for 2 weeks. Fear and panic lost my son his job

No person collapsed from the coronavirus in any public place and was wheeled out by people in hazmat suits. I have seen a person describing the feeling of drowning, from the pneumonia. Frightening. This man also described being healed completely with the hydoroc. Within 24 hours of taking it. Another described her symptoms the same as what I myself went through  felt badly for a couple of nights when I had fever, and the cough was irritating, but the ‘regular’ flu was much worse. 

The damages and hurt I have seen is from the fear and panic. The hysteria. I have seen the repercussions of the fear and panic with my son being laid off. I heard the pain in his bosses voice as she described her paycut and the worry for all those hourly coworkers who were laid off. I know of others who are closing their business doors, wondering if they can open them again. Those that had their retirement in stocks that the bottom dropped out of, are in fear of never recovering. Will the banks be lenient with the mortgage and car payment? I have seen the panic in the grocery store as people stared at empty shelves.“WE should have stocked up. Does someone know something we don’t know? Why are all the beans and toilet paper gone? “ 

I have heard the disappointment in my granddaughters voice when she told of the play that was canceled in 4 weeks, that was to star in. The seniors in high schools all over the nation have been dreaming and working towards the day of walking across that stage. That is a memory that will never be had for them or their parents. The disappointment and sadness for those who burying their loved ones, alone, for the fear. Wedding ceremonies canceled. Looking at that new grandchild through the nursery windows. All lost, because of fear and panic. 

There is really nothing to fear, but fear itself. God tells us Fear Not and Be Not Afraid  at least 365 times directly. And then more than that subtly. This world is fallen, we will get sick. We will die. Dying is part of life. We have to die from this world to get to the next. Not knowing what the next is is where this fear is generated, by Satan. To know that after this world we step into the perfect presence of God removes all fear. Satan does not want you to have that assurance. 

So, If you are sick, stay home.  If you are susceptible to infections, do what you have been doing stay out of crowds. When you are out in the world, don’t touch everything, wash your hands, be aware of spreading germs and picking them up. Go to work. Go to school. Go to exercise class.Go camping. Go with your spouse on a hotel getaway. Go to church. Go to God and get right with Him. 

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. Deuteronomy:8