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Back From Out There

I have been missing in action. Kind of.IMG_5162
Here in the blog world I have been.
In the outer limits, though, I have been most busy and active and goin and blown. That world where I have to walk around and have one on one conversation. Interact. Fix things. Pay bills. Pull weeds. Reprimand. Drive. Clean toilets. Say goodbye to loved ones. Mourn. Dance. Lose cats. Travel. Lose weight. Gain weight. Tutor. Fight city hall. Reveal. Buy coffee makers. Enjoy family. Swim. Birthday people. Cook meals. Watch mind numbing TV. Argue. Make up. Entertain. Get new cat. Replace pool plumbing. Watch from afar. Wonder where all the time goes and when I will ever get to working on the blog(s) again.

I have decided to change my website/blog- I am not longer JUST I have now. Where you are now reading.

My changing the world to gluten free one post at a time got jumbled up with my rants, raves, Bible studies, birthdays and other outer limit goings on I need to share.

I want to be more ‘professional’ on the delete It is serious business, changing the world to be gluten free. I want to step up my business, which is not much more than a good idea right now. I don’t think peoples will want me to coach them into a life of gluten freedom, or a restaurant will hire me to train their staff, based on my post my dogs or grandkids or my last rabbit chasing.

So now my fans have a choice of which to read first. The life and times, of I’m not so Petty, or getting the info they need to live gluten free with Delete Wheat.

I am making up for lost time by giving two venues for ME. Woo Hoo!!